The Caribbean is well-known with the great number of athletics in the world. The fact that they own a wide range of excellently formidable runners. Furthermore, the local also love running in their daily life.

In this article, we will collect top runners in the Caribbean which is our proposal based on their awards and records in all international and domestic running competitions.

1, Usain Bolt

He is a great athlete in Jamaica. He is admired by his talent and contribution beyond the racetracks to the society and running community.

Firstly, about his achievement. He was voted as the best sprinter all the time when he had eight titles in Olympics which was the biggest competition in the world. The fact, he had three times to reach champions in the Olympics summer, five times in the Olympic winter and 11 world crowns. Furthermore, he also broke the records in 100 meters with 9.58 seconds and 200 meters with 19.19 seconds.

Secondly, he impacted his ability to develop the earlier athletics of the Caribbean strongly and successfully.

2, Mijain Lopez

He is a great runner in Cuba. Even, it’s reasonable to consider that he is the best athlete all the time in this nation. It’s suitable when referring him like this.

Mijain Lopez had impressive performance with his stature and corpulence. He always expressed strongly and powerfully when he joined any competition. This was the reason why he could win five crowns, two titles in Pan American games and three Olympics awards in consecutive seasons from 2008 to 2016. These achievements were considered as the man of this decade and the history of running.

Besides his pro career, he also was one of great leader of division. He contributed his talent to general growth of national running team.