In this article, we will recommend some golf courses you should enjoy and witness at least in Caribbean where the landscapes are so perfect and natural to organize golf tournaments.

Whether you are a royal customer or only discover golf course as new experience, our ranking is the best option to reach your target.

5, Green Monkey in Sandy Lane

This golf course is exclusive to be located in Sandy Lance resort. 

It attacks more people because it has unique design about architecture and equipment. Around the golf course, it has been built from old quarries. It makes historical and traditional for a new place. It brings nature and comfort for anyone visiting there.

Furthermore, the fairways and greens are made from sheer cliff faces to create more challenges for golfers. The fact, it’s not easy to score a ball correctly among obstacles from the quarries.

Another feature, all holes of golf balls are sculpted into image of the Green Monkey. This is the reason why this golf course has this name as public.

6, Mid Ocean Club

This golf course has been open since 1920s, then considered as the benchmark for other golf courses in the Caribbean.

It has some unique features from setting up the pitch to designing around the course. 

In general, fairways in Mid Ocean Club is wide with flexible bunkers located at other places to cause more troubles for any errant shots.

the greens are designed with severe runoffs as if terrible obstacles for any golfer.

7, Port Royal

Port Royal is the last option in our ranking. The fact, it is also a fanatic place for any golfer. 

The view is surrounded by stunning coastline which makes interested to discover.

At this golf course, they use 16thglorious hole to challenge any players. The green of glass around holes looks aesthetical for all games.