Ray – Belize Alley Shark

If you’ve ever wanted a encounter with sharks and rays, then don’t miss Shark Ray Alley off the coast of Ambergris Cay in Belize. Belize is famous for scuba diving, and going out to the Blue Hole is an unforgettable experience, but swimming with nurse sharks and rays is one of the most uplifting and thrilling experiences we’ve ever had in life.

The nurse sharks seem to enjoy human interaction and the rays welcome the divers as they swim towards them to touch their incredible wingspan. Attracted for years by fishermen cleaning up their catches, Shark Ray Alley has lots of sharks and rays that are still rushing towards the boats looking for scrap.

Coral reefs are filled with not only sharks and rays, but also colorful fish from Barracuda to clownfish – all in balance and harmony in the sea.

As our guide told us, today, don’t think about fish burgers, instead meet all my friends and shark photos and fish in a new way. When we look at the fish in the sea, we see that they all have a littler personality. They seem playful and full of joy and that’s exactly how we feel.

Scuba diving – Honduras

When we sign up for a master’s degree in diving in Honduras, we simply choose the location because the price is right. Accommodation on Utilla is very cheap and dive shops offer affordable prices. Little is known that it also offers some of the best diving in the world.

We saw everything in the waters of Honduras from sharks to starfish and sea horses to turtles. But it was here that we swam with a group of wild bottlenose dolphins and encountered the first whale sharks. Everything we ever wanted to see in the ocean was witnessed by our own eyes on the islands of Honduras. The sea is warm, clear and full of marine life.