We’ve done a lot of scuba diving around the world, but our favorite scuba diving experience is definitely diving through the flooded holes of this hollow island. Once you emerge inside the cave, you will be able to admire the breathtaking view of light through the gaps above.

The cave is beautiful but the underwater world is outstanding. Lighted up by the rays of the sun, colorful fish swim around the reef and you feel like you’re in a giant bowl of fish.

Underwater horseman – Dominican Republic

It’s interesting to mention our list of Caribbean water sports to try. While on our journey, one of our stops was La Romana Dominican and it was here that we signed up for the trip like the greatest adventure on the island, The Adventure Riders Adventure.

Having the opportunity to drive your own zodiac on broken waves is a thrilling experience and it lives up to the hype. The trip started on a quiet river where you enjoy the view of high cliffs; It was a relaxing and pleasant time.

But once you reach the mouth of the river in the Caribbean, the adventure begins. Everyone started the engine and faced strong waves. These aquatic racers were created to run and you can explore the coast with a bright smile on your face as you enjoy a wonderful ride in the open ocean.

Sailing – Jamaica

Slowing things down a bit, a boat trip is highly recommended anywhere in the Caribbean. This is also one of the Caribbean water sports that you do not have to do anything. I just love stepping on a catfish, sitting in the front seat and letting the waves glide across the trampoline to cool my hot skin.

Jamaica is especially beautiful with rocky coastline, clear water and Reggae music. There are pirates’ caves and coral reefs and we even stop for a moment to see the famous cliff divers at Rick’s CafĂ©.

At the end of the day, our inner kid has a chance to shine as we play on a water park with bridges, trampolines and water slides in front of Negril Beach.