Caribbean people are well-known as friendly and relaxing characteristic, but when it comes to sports, they are as serious as any European. There are a wide range of different sports across the region from individual to team sports.

If you are a sport fan and about to travel to Caribbean area, you might wonder which sports are in trendy in this sunny Caribbean areas. Look no further, we have the answer you need.

These are top 3 most popular team sports in Caribbean culture:


The king sport is well-received by Caribbean as the rest of the world. It unites people across the islands. Everywhere you go – a resort, a restaurant or even a beach bar, you can find enthusiastic football fan cheering and shouting. You would not miss a match of Premier League, UEFA Europa League, let alone World cup or European Cup.

In fact, almost all Caribbean island has been registered by FIFA and many football players are qualify for playing in World cup like Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz. Team from this island is also qualify to compete in major European League such as Trinidad and Tobago’s Socca Warriors


Cricket is one of the most popular sports of the islands, which was first introduced by colonists in the 15th Century. There are hundreds of games throughout the year, especially on cricket season, which runs from May to December. The national team call West Indies has been received warm support from both locals and travelers alike. This sport truly breaks the national barriers of language, race, income, and religion.

Some of the most famous cricketers in the world come from the Caribbean. Children grow up with cricket as they play on the street throughout their childhoods.


Ruby was brought to the Caribbean islands by the British which influences still remain partial to a game of rugby. The sport is widely popular in Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago, ….  The rugby club of each island will compete to win a place to join the international league. If you travel to these countries during the rugby season, you definitely have to check out a game to witness the drama of rugby unfold against an exotic and beautiful sunlight.