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What are the best places for windsurfing in the Caribbean (Part 2)

Malmok Beach, Aruba

Happy Island is an especially popular destination for windsurfing because it is one of the most crowded islands in the Caribbean – known for its warm but fairly stable breeze. With lessons for all skills on Malmok Beach, Aruba is a friendly place, sure to give everyone in the family the surfing experience they are looking for.

For surfers and surfers, Aruba Hi-Winds, an Aruban windsurfing competition and one of the most popular sports events in the Caribbean, takes place every year at The Fishermen’s Huts (in the middle of Malmok beach). and Palm Beach) with 20 categories and skill levels.

Oualie Beach, Nevis

For those looking to start their journey to windsurfing in the calm waters, Oualie Beach in Nevis is a great destination. A sheltered cove is waiting for newcomers to come to shallow depths and calm conditions, while the waters just outside the cove provide a small split for those who want to test their new skills.

For lessons and tutorials at all levels, drop by Oualie Beach Resort, located by the beach at Oualie Beach.

Arenal Lake, Costa Rica

Labeled as the “only Expert” by Forbes, Lake Arenal in Costa Rica offers one of the most tested locations in the world for fans. The lake is located between two mountains, forming strong winds creating wet waters and creating conditions for windsurfing suitable for practicing surfers looking to challenge themselves. In late winter and early spring, winds averagely 25 miles per hour, leaving chaotic and challenging conditions.

Sorobon Beach, Bonaire

While Sorobon Beach in Bonaire offers a surfing spot for every skill level, it also offers one of the better expert-level positions with waves going through your head and your wind pushing you all the way. On average, the waves roll in about 10 feet, so surfing here is not for the faint of heart. For all skill levels, lessons are provided above on Sorobon Beach in Jibe City.

What are the best places for windsurfing in the Caribbean (Part 1)

Caribbean windsurfing for beginners and experts

Windsurfing may seem like a youthful sport, but it is hardly new: it was invented by the Darby brothers in the 1920s in the most difficult position: Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 70 years. Later, windsurfing found a happy home on the Caribbean coast, as well as other coastal destinations around the world.

A combination of surfing and sailing, windsurfing combines the art of surfing and wind riding to create a water sports experience that both beginners and experts can feel comfortable with .

When you’re looking to start a windsurfing adventure, from lessons to the best places to ride, check out some Caribbean destinations.

Silver Sands, Barbados

The second possible only to Hawaii, Barbados offers some of the top windsurfing beaches in the world. With higher winds and higher waves, the Barbados Silver Sands area is a great place for intermediate surfers and professionals looking to challenge themselves and ride the wave. The best time to visit is from June to November and the different areas offer different riding conditions for everyone from beginners to experts.

For lessons while in Barbados, see the Brian Talma store at Silver Sands for instructions at all levels, as well as board rentals and partial replacement.

Cabarete Bay, Dominican Republic

A popular destination for beginners windsurfers, Cabarete Bay in the Dominican Republic has been a go to place in the past two decades for those looking to take their first dip in the world of windsurfing. A softer experience awaits visitors in the summer when the bay is calm and calm, while the winter months bring winds across the shore and sometimes sometimes high pillars of waves.

Looking to take lessons? The Mistral Club, located near Velero Beach Resort, offers lessons for beginner, intermediate and professional skills, as well as refresher courses for former professionals who want to return to the country.

Which sports to enjoy on Martinique Island? (Part 3)

Martinique will inspire you with your tropical forests

The roads on the island of Martinique are called “traces”, the trails opened by colonialists to cross the island. The diversity of Martinique offers a selection of different landscapes, animals and plants. The roads combine the history of ancient plantations and the overwhelming beauty of nature has regained control of the land.

Within a mile of the city of L’Ajoupa-Bouillon, the rugged Gorges de la Falaise offers an opportunity for more brave travelers to find the wilderness of Martinique.

This is a refuge of a series of erupting waterfalls and narrow canyons perfect for swimming, walking, and play many other sports on the river. The tropical jungle attracts visitors on rocks covered with moss and brown spots and buds, through a dense canopy of trees and among the flowers of palm trees and ferns, where hummingbirds hang on their heads.

The forest of Gorges de la Falaise is a refuge of a series of erupting waterfalls

A special feature of the island that makes it famous throughout the world is the height of the inhabitants here. People on Martinique island own a “terrible” height – the male is 1.9m while the female is 1.74m. Even here, a young man under 1.8 m will be teased as “dwarf”.

In addition to a respectable height, Martinique people still have a strange custom that never bows. This custom stems from the legend of Martinique’s chief island. When he was invaded by the French and bent over to let them ride, he firmly refused and said: “Martinique must always stand straight, not bow.” This is deeply rooted in people’s minds and becomes a concept of their life.

Martinique is hailed as one of the most attractive islands of the Caribbean. This is because it is a combination of beautiful beaches stretching with clear water and rainforest rich in flora and fauna. Visitors can enjoy many great sports here such as surfing, sailing, snorkelling, kite surf, etc.

With the stunning beauty and incredible miracle, Martinique welcomes thousands of tourists every year to enjoy the famous rum, play sports on the beach and really enjoy her holiday. If you have the opportunity to visit, do not ignore this beautiful island because you know after a vacation here, you may be a few centimeters taller.

Which sports to enjoy on Martinique Island? (Part 2)

Martinique is a French region, located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It is an island blessed with floating terrain, vast plains, and a long coastline. When he arrived here, Columbus was enchanted by the landscape and called it the most beautiful destination in the world.

Today, the island of Martinique attracts a large number of visitors by its architecture, restaurants, and shopping centers. It is also known as France in the middle of the sea. It is also an ideal destination for those who love water sports such as swimming, diving or simply lying on Anse Mitan beach and read.

Another beach activity to enjoy on this island is surfing. Surfing at Martinique allows you to enjoy your passion and at the same time immerse yourself in the picturesque natural scenery.

The surf spots in Martinique are mostly north along the Atlantic coast. The most famous and frequent is Anse Bonneville (plage des surfeurs) on the Caravelle Peninsula. If you’re lucky enough to be near Anse Couleuvre (north of the Caribbean coast) at the right time, you can surf the majestic waves up to 3m high.

The surf spots in Martinique are mostly north along the Atlantic coast

Martinique is a paradise not only for those who seek to relax but also for sports lovers and outdoor activities. Whether it is on the island or on the water surrounding it, Martinique offers a lot of activities that tourists can hardly bored.

Many trails go horse riding along the beach or inland: another way to explore the island and see the wild beaches. For their golf enthusiasts, there is a beautiful 18-hole seaside course designed by Sir Trent Jones.

Martinique will inspire you with your tropical forests (of which there are 4 recognized varieties in Martinique occupying at least 47% of the island’s area). The panorama of this island, the marvelous sea of ​​Martinique and its neighboring islands cannot help inspiring you a unique feeling when you visit.