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In this article, we continue to come Caribbean Islands and explore sports at there. As discussed from the last article, the people in Caribbean Islands are close and popular with sports in their daily life. Through development and history of sport, we can see a part of picture about the life of this nation.

If you also are interesting in discovery the life and custom of Carribean Islands, following our article. We have ever discussed culture and cricket, baseball and culture. Now, we will share information about soccer and horse racing.

Soccer and culture

Football is one of the most favorite sports at most of countries in Caribbean lands. They own a wide range of crazy fan in this game.

There are also many nations to be members in the FIFA CONCACAF. They also organize a CONCACAF Champion League annually and are welcomed by many fans all over the world. some well-known teams including the Soca Warriors of Trinidad and Tobago, the Reggae Boyz of Jamaica have good achievements and high ranking at this nation.

Horse Races and culture

Horse race has also a rich history at this area since the long time ago. Almost it has been focused and developed at the Barbados, the Dominican Republic or Jamaica. As a good result, many racecourses have already been built at there. Then they invest to organize many international horse races.

Some decades ago when the internet has been not yet developed, people like to go the racecourses and place on betting. So, many bettors choose the Carribean islands as good destination for discovery and experience.

Above all, the Barbados Turf Club located on the outskirts in Bridgetown is the most famous racecourse in this area. It is held three competitions in a year with warming welcome of fans. In addition, there are many activities token place around the horse races festival.

Top the most popular sports in Caribbean Ireland

Caribbean Ireland is a sport nation. The fact that sport is close with the Irish culture. More than half of population. In this nation play at least one sport once per week.

If you are a traveler and fan of sport, Caribbean Ireland is a perfect destination. Ireland has enough global sports like tennis, swimming, football or basketball. In this article, we will discuss top the most popular sports as well its growth in Caribbean Ireland.

Golf -the best sport in summer

Ireland is home of many famous stars in golf like Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell or Padraig Harrington. They are premier golfers who are in the top the best golfers in the world.

By practice when people are still small as well there are many golf courses and competitions are hold annually, Ireland come out many talents in golf.

In 2019, Ireland was host to organize the 148th Open at the Royal Portrush Golf Club. To be proud of themselves when Irishman- Shane Lowry won the champions.                

Proper time to play golf is from May to September when it is the Summer. The weather and condition are perfect to go to any golf course in Ireland.

Athletics– for someone to be fit

People prefer to keep fit or have not much time to train a complicated sport like golf, they usually intend to choose athletics as their favorite daily sport.

This sport is really encouraged in this nation. Even the Government found the Athletics Association (AAI) to take care training, news or competitions about athletics for the local.

Athletics are separated into other kinds like track and field athletes, road running, walking, mountain running or cross-country running.

This sport is favorite from schools to elite athletes. Almost people from kids to the old can join it simply. There are some famous marathons from this nation like Belfast or Dublin.

The Jewels of Caribbean Archipelago That Provide Online Sportsbook Licenses (Part 1)

Many of the longest and strongest reputations sportsbooks house themselves outside of the United States, in the Caribbean islands such as Antigua, Costa Rica, and Curacao. Each of which offers online sportsbook licenses and cooperates with regulatory bodies to ensure legitimacy, safety, and highest satisfaction for bettors.If you are interested in knowing more about the nuances of each of these licensing regions and how they coordinate with sportsbooks to enable the best sports betting experiences for clients all over the globe, keep reading!

A small island and former British colony situated in the West Indies, Antigua is a famous location of operations for many online sportsbooks.
Antigua is popular both regionally and internationally for its unique ports that are geographically suitable for natural protection and shelter from extreme weather conditions. Just as Antigua is a safe haven for stranded sailors in need of shelters to avoid extreme weather, it similarly enables protection and a secure venue of operation for numerous sportsbooks.

Antigua Was the Pioneer in Offering Online Sportsbooks Licenses
Antigua was one of the first nations to legalize online sportsbooks, publishing its first license to an online sportsbook since 1994. By 1996, the nation organized 15 online sportsbooks. At its the highest period, Antigua’s online gaming industry recruited over 5,000 people, which was a significant proportion of the country’s workforce. Generating over $3.5 billion in annual revenue, the online sports betting industry focus on call center operations, marketing, and the Information Technology sector.

This small island nation has created a model for other nations on how countries can successfully integrate online sportsbooks to benefit their economy. The relationship between sportsbooks and the national employment and GDP rates has become mutually beneficial. Most, if not all, countries that permit licenses to online sportsbooks have built themselves after Antigua.

Sports and Culture in the Caribbean

Sports are well-received social and cultural phenomenon in the Caribbean which proven the importance of sports in the daily lives of the majority of the local inhabitants. Thousands people attend or watch TV broadcasts of cricket, basketball, football, boxing, horse racing, track and field, as well as other regional and international sporting events.

In the islands of Caribbean, sports are force that connect people and give them a sense of unity, pride and identification by supporting the athletes representing them at the international level. Through sports, nationalism is reinforced; politics and culture are also connected to sport.
Sports also give an additional reason to get out of the house, be friends with hundreds of others share a common goal in a passionate atmosphere.

Many sports are played in the Caribbean and even compete in the Summer Olympic Games, but the following two are the most popular.

Although the sport of polo does not have as much fans as cricket or horse racing, but it is still very popular in Barbados. The Barbados Polo Club organizes events open to the public in Holders, St. James, and other places on the island. Jamaica and the Dominican Republic also have their own teams. The most popular polo field is the Casa de Campo Hotel in the Dominican Republic with three polo fields that organize an annual polo tournament.

Although animal rights activists advocates to oppose it, cockfighting is a part of Caribbean culture, especially in Puerto Rico, where the sport is extremely famous and hundreds of millions of dollars are betting each year on the fights. Cockfighting is also famous in the Dominican Republic, where more than 2,500 cockfighting events are registered, as well as in Cuba and Haiti.

Many people in the Caribbean are sports lovers and could not imagine a Sunday without a sport event such as a baseball game, a boxing match, or not having a basketball or volleyball game at the local court to see, or not supporting their favorite national teams in the Olympics, Pan-American or Central American Games. Through these teams, sports are a part of local national pride in these nations that have lived for centuries under colonialism. For a brief moment, they can compete on an equal position with the nations that colonized them or nations that are simply bigger and have greater financial resources.

Popular sports at the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean (Part 2)

Shoal Bay Beach, Anguilla

Located on the east coast of Anguilla Island, Shoal Bay attracts a large number of diving enthusiasts and swimmers to explore the coral reefs near the shore and enjoy many water sports here.

Dickenson Bay, Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua has many beautiful exotic beaches, but most are deserted, except for Dickenson Bay Beach. There are many cheap hotels, white sand stretches giving visitors clear blue water and many local seafood bars and restaurants.

Englishman Bay, Tobago

Local tourists love this secluded quiet beach and they call this secluded beach the jewel of Tobago. There may not be many tourist facilities located on the west coast of Tobago, but this beach is what is not noisy, noisy, suitable for travelers who prefer tranquility. The soft white sand here is like a beauty point in contrast with the green tropical rain forests.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Those who love to walk on the long sand will have to love this pure white beach hugging the blue sea with the early sunshine sunbathing along the white sand. This beach is located on the west coast of Grand Cayman Island, most of the resorts and hotels are extremely lavish.

Petit St Vincent Beach, Grenadines Islands

Like a formidable rival of Cay Palm Island, this private island is not too lavish. A place suitable for all visitors is near Canouan beach to enjoy relaxing relaxation with white sand and clear blue sea.

Mullins Beach, Barbados

If you can’t afford a hotel or vila close to the beach on many other beaches on this west coast, then on Mullins Beach you can do it. There will be no shortage of what you need in a relaxing day with the blue sea: soft sandy beaches, water sports games, sun loungers and inviting bars close to the beach.

Pinney Beach, St Kitts and Nevis

Clear blue water, beautiful beach bends embracing beautiful blue sea. That’s all you can expect from a beautiful beach like this one of the Caribbean, a beautiful and quiet beach.

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Perhaps this beach of Tortola is the most popular in the Caribbean. Because this is a busy area rhythm, many exciting sports activities, visitors are spoiled for sunbathing on the white sand, enjoying the delicious barbecue on the beach and watching the beautiful sunset every afternoon.

Hiking in BarbaDOS


Barbados has some of the finest beaches in the world which are the ideal place for water activities and sports. However, Barbados also has some of the finest hiking trails through the exotic landscape. Accompanied by a stunning backdrop and the perfect climate, hikers would gain the most memorable experience. 

A walking tour is one of the most enjoyable ways for both professional hikers and visitors to discover the beauty of the landscape, from lush forests to flawless beaches. Additionally, you’ll get to learn about the rich culture of the island and its fascinating history.

To find the most popular hiking in Barbados, visitors should check with Hike Barbados, a group sponsored by the Barbados National Trust. They have the best weekly hiking tour which runs through the less developed, yet wild and rugged east coast of Barbados. The trail is packed with ancient, dramatic rock formations, cliffs and beaches pounded by the Atlantic – such a perfect option for either relaxing strolls along beaches or through lush botanical gardens to trickier but rewarding hill climbs or cross-country rambles.

For beginners, there also hiking trails best fit them which run through flatter scenic terrain and along footpaths, tracks and paved roads with little or no climbing involved. This tour offers an excellent experience which get hikers to explore either the villages and historic districts of Barbados, or the wilder side of the island, Cove Bay, Chalk Mountain. On the pathway cutting through Barclays Park, hikers will get to see the stunning views of the Cattlewash area, idyllic beaches and spectacular rugged coasts. No matter you want to relax or exercise, the stunning landscape views and the local wildlife would still be the perfect fits. 

So, the next time you visit Barbados, remember to pack trainers and some hiking tools with you.

Sports Events in grand cayman islands (part 1)

The Cayman Islands are located in the beautiful Caribbean Sea with crystal clear waters, and white sands. Living in Cayman gives residents the perfect location and opportunity to explore a wide variety of sports at all levels all year round, especially outdoor water sports. The weather is warm all the round, combined with generally shorter working hours, means that after work training and sports are a way of life. Sports bring the whole community together to enjoy wonderful moments. There are also plenty of sporting events such as the Flowers Sea Swim, Cayman Islands Marathon and the CI Triathlon…

Flowers Sea Swim
The tradition of the Flowers One Mile Sea Swim began over two decades ago as a must-do flagship sporting event for open water aficionados in Grand Cayman. This year on June 15, 2019, the local celebrate its 27th year anniversary and the title being one of the World’s Top 13 Open Water Swims.
The last event’s race attracted almost 1000 registrants around the world aged from 8 to 80 years old. Their skills ranged from first-timers to novices as gold medal Olympians and world championship open water specialists.
The unique features of the Flowers Sea Swim are both in its flawless beauty along Cayman’s beautiful Seven Mile Beach, and the numerous worthy prizes of $100,000 in cash and random prizes including blackberries, Ipad’s, hotel stays, and dozens of airline tickets to premier destinations such as Miami, New York, Panama, Rome, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc. The race is known as the world’s richest open water event with all finishers receive a fantastic t-shirt and goody bag filled with prizes and surprises!
In 2019, Cayman also hosted the UANA Masters Open Water Swimming Circuit from June 15 to June 2019 with delegations from North, South and Central America.
All registration fees will be donated to the Special Olympics Cayman Islands.

Participate in water sports on the paradise islands of the Caribbean (Part 2)

2. Barbados

Barbados is also one of the perfect destinations for visitors to the Caribbean. It is impressive thanks to the wonderful climate, clean beach. Visitors also come here to enjoy delicious food and excellent quality restaurants. Beautiful beauty and various cultural activities will bring you many unforgettable experiences in life.

This island is formed by ocean sediments, with many natural lakes and caves underwater. Harrison Cave is the most beautiful cave in all caves. Clearwater flows through the caves, creating beautiful waterfalls and pools.

3. Aruba

Aruba Island is famous for its poetic beaches and rich beach activities thanks to its warm weather and sunny sky. This island is located in the South Caribbean Sea.

4. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a combination of islands. Here is known for its favorable weather conditions, thus making it the perfect place to travel year-round with an average temperature of only 21-26 degrees Celsius.

The white sand beaches of Puerto Rico are very popular with global tourists. There are also various tourist activities such as sailing, surfing, and snorkelling.

5. Antigua

Antigua is a small group of islands famous for its excellent restaurants, cafes and discos. The beaches here are filled with white sand, beautiful pink and luscious labels.

It is also one of the most important islands of the island of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua’s economy depends entirely on tourism.

It is known that Antigua Island is about 22 km long and 18 km wide with a total area of ​​281 km2. The capital and largest city of both Antigua and Barbuda is St. John, located on the northwest coast of Antigua.

The low islands here are formed by limestone rocks rather than volcanic activity. The highest point on the island is Mount Obama with a height of 402 meters. The locals are very friendly and also have a very interesting nightlife.

Which sports to enjoy on Martinique Island? (Part 3)

Martinique will inspire you with your tropical forests

The roads on the island of Martinique are called “traces”, the trails opened by colonialists to cross the island. The diversity of Martinique offers a selection of different landscapes, animals and plants. The roads combine the history of ancient plantations and the overwhelming beauty of nature has regained control of the land.

Within a mile of the city of L’Ajoupa-Bouillon, the rugged Gorges de la Falaise offers an opportunity for more brave travelers to find the wilderness of Martinique.

This is a refuge of a series of erupting waterfalls and narrow canyons perfect for swimming, walking, and play many other sports on the river. The tropical jungle attracts visitors on rocks covered with moss and brown spots and buds, through a dense canopy of trees and among the flowers of palm trees and ferns, where hummingbirds hang on their heads.

The forest of Gorges de la Falaise is a refuge of a series of erupting waterfalls

A special feature of the island that makes it famous throughout the world is the height of the inhabitants here. People on Martinique island own a “terrible” height – the male is 1.9m while the female is 1.74m. Even here, a young man under 1.8 m will be teased as “dwarf”.

In addition to a respectable height, Martinique people still have a strange custom that never bows. This custom stems from the legend of Martinique’s chief island. When he was invaded by the French and bent over to let them ride, he firmly refused and said: “Martinique must always stand straight, not bow.” This is deeply rooted in people’s minds and becomes a concept of their life.

Martinique is hailed as one of the most attractive islands of the Caribbean. This is because it is a combination of beautiful beaches stretching with clear water and rainforest rich in flora and fauna. Visitors can enjoy many great sports here such as surfing, sailing, snorkelling, kite surf, etc.

With the stunning beauty and incredible miracle, Martinique welcomes thousands of tourists every year to enjoy the famous rum, play sports on the beach and really enjoy her holiday. If you have the opportunity to visit, do not ignore this beautiful island because you know after a vacation here, you may be a few centimeters taller.

Which sports to enjoy on Martinique Island? (Part 1)

Located in the heart of the Caribbean Islands, Martinique is an island located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, one of 26 French overseas territories, covering an area of ​​about 1,128 km2. Its east coast is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean while its west coast is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.

About a quarter of the population lives in the capital Fort de France. There are many religions present in Martinique. The official language is French, although people speak Creole, a blend of French, English, and African languages.

If your idea of ​​a great vacation involves the image of perfect beaches, then Martinique is exactly the choice for you. There are many white-sand beaches scattered throughout the southern Caribbean coast.

Swimmers will especially appreciate the sense of secluded lagoon of the sea throughout the South Atlantic coast protected by coral reefs. In the north, you can enjoy the special and lush views of the black sand beaches near Le Carbet and Le Precheur.

If you love snorkeling, this is an amazing island with 21 dive sites with the most professional masters, instructors and enjoy the flora, animals, corals, sponges, wrecks, types Particularly well-protected tropical fish, turtles, dolphins and more.

115 years ago, erupting Pelée volcano, killing 30,000 in just 3 minutes has become a terrible memory for the world. The eruption of Mount Pelée, destroying the city of Saint-Pierre in 1902, sank more than a dozen boats in the bay. Today, the bay is known around the world as the richest diving site in the Caribbean.

A wreck lies deep in the ocean floor

Besides, this is also a very safe diving place with family and loved ones. In particular, there are activities for children aged 8 and older who can participate.