Located in the heart of the Caribbean Islands, Martinique is an island located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, one of 26 French overseas territories, covering an area of ​​about 1,128 km2. Its east coast is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean while its west coast is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.

About a quarter of the population lives in the capital Fort de France. There are many religions present in Martinique. The official language is French, although people speak Creole, a blend of French, English, and African languages.

If your idea of ​​a great vacation involves the image of perfect beaches, then Martinique is exactly the choice for you. There are many white-sand beaches scattered throughout the southern Caribbean coast.

Swimmers will especially appreciate the sense of secluded lagoon of the sea throughout the South Atlantic coast protected by coral reefs. In the north, you can enjoy the special and lush views of the black sand beaches near Le Carbet and Le Precheur.

If you love snorkeling, this is an amazing island with 21 dive sites with the most professional masters, instructors and enjoy the flora, animals, corals, sponges, wrecks, types Particularly well-protected tropical fish, turtles, dolphins and more.

115 years ago, erupting Pelée volcano, killing 30,000 in just 3 minutes has become a terrible memory for the world. The eruption of Mount Pelée, destroying the city of Saint-Pierre in 1902, sank more than a dozen boats in the bay. Today, the bay is known around the world as the richest diving site in the Caribbean.

A wreck lies deep in the ocean floor

Besides, this is also a very safe diving place with family and loved ones. In particular, there are activities for children aged 8 and older who can participate.