Snorkeling – Grand Turk

If you want to add a zip in your snorkeling experience and you’re flying with Carnival, check out the powerful snorkel adventure in Grand Turk. Grand Turk is famous for its incredible diving and snorkelling and that’s because just a few hundred meters from the shore, you will witness a jaw dropping 7000 feet off the continental shelf.

The thruster helps you soar through the clear waters of this underwater wonderland. We are always looking for new underwater adventures and this is one of the top things on our list to try!

Kite surfing – Argentina

Argentina is a very popular destination for beach lovers. Partly because so many beaches are very shallow and great for swimming. The warm, gin-blue water is often found only in the Caribbean and uninterrupted beaches repeatedly.

A popular sport in Aruba is kite surfing. You will find the bay full of kite surfers pulling back and forth along the coast. With flat, warm water, deep waists and year-round commercial winds, Argentina offers the perfect conditions for kite surfing all year round.

Stingray City of the Cayman Islands

Stingray City is a place where tourists can interact with almost tame stingrays. For years, fishermen have lured stingrays here as they clean their fish in the calm waters of a sandy beach just off the Grand Cayman Island.

They are so familiar to people that stingrays will swim straight at you and eat them out of your hands or rest in your arms. Read all about it here at Stingray City and Grand Cayman Luxury Safaris.

So the next time you get to the Caribbean, make sure you pull yourself out of bars and casinos and enjoy the beautiful waters to try one of these Caribbean water sports. Colors, clarity and captivating underwater scenes will surprise you. The Caribbean Sea is definitely a place to hang out in the sun! What is your favorite underwater adventure in the Caribbean or around the world?