Jamaica is the ultimate vacation destination for individuals, couples, and families to relax and recharge due to its sunny weather, stunning beaches and many great recreation activities. Most of Jamaica’s resorts are all-inclusive with meals, accommodations and basic amenities are included in the room rate.

In Jamaica, the things for you to explore is almost endless: from swimming, sailing, diving, bird watching, hiking, deep-sea fishing, horseback riding, to shopping. Of course, sports! Yes, people of Jamaica love sports from soccer to cricket, horse racing to polo… And you definitely must play golf. Golf has long been a popular pastime in the Caribbean areas; however, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Jamaica offer the best golf courses that admired by even the most novice golfers. Although golf is not the most popular sports but we must include it here based on its impact on local’s business and the interest it raised among tourists.

Golf enthusiasts will be so happy to learn that the north coast of Caribbean tropical isla has several world-class golf courses, golf resorts, and public courses with a sublime setting and no less challenging. Manchester Club, the oldest golf course in the Caribbean offers perfect setting for golfer including incredible views, serenity and great care for sand, lake, grass.

Plenty of the Caribbean’s top resorts has spectacular golf courses which are built in harmony with the sweeping landscape. Each golf course has a unique terrain featuring dramatic elevations, challenging fairways, strategically placed bunkers, shorelines, mountains blocking over signature holes which inspire and challenge both professional and amateurs’s skills. Furthermore, each resort has a professional support team including caddies, skillful coaches and support staff that help you achieve your “A”-game.

Most of the great golf courses of the world are set on this spectacular island where many tournaments are held with the participation of the best players. There will be no place better than Jamaica to offer great weather, spectacular terrain, exotic food and friendly people, all of which will add up to an amazing golf experience.