In this article, we continue to visit the beautiful island- Caribbean and discover top the best destinations to play golfs.

As far as we know, the Caribbean is famous for outdoor activities because the nature gives a wide range of eye-catching landscapes and views. So, it’s great to organize courses or sport events outside. One of the most famous activities in this island is playing golf with some locations as our following guides:

3, Royal Westmoreland

The golf course in Royal Westmoreland is highly appreciated as one of the most beautiful inland courses at there. It owns stunning views along the beach which brings natural location for players. 

Furthermore, changes in elevation brings dramatic challenge for players to arrange ball more accurately. Although they are in a little trouble about elevation changes, they feel more interesting to enjoy these new challenges.

Besides it, design of this golf course is a quite complicated and skillful when there are series of deep ravines around the greens. It brings new experiences for any golfer.

It’s great to join one golf course and go sightseeing the natural views around this area. Don’t forget to enjoy a cold beer to feel relaxing and comfort.

4, Moon Spa Golf Course

Moon Spa is invested and masterminded by Jack Nicklaus who is one of the top greatest tennis players, this golf course becomes one of the most attractive spots for any player. Even, it is usually chosen as a great destination for exhibition about golf.

It is built up 27 golf holes at other heights and elevations. Furthermore, there are many natural flora and fauna around this stunning golf course. 

At there, one full set of 18 holes test can be stretched up to 7165 yards. It is used popularity for any pro golfer. It has other options for lower levels. So, almost all ages can join the Moon spa golf course.