This article will provide a wealth of interesting travel experiences, for those who first arrive in Aruba – the island of Caribbean tourism paradise.

Unlike most parts of the Americas – Caribbean, Aruba has a dry climate with arid land, no rivers, many cacti grow on this island. Because Aruba Island is located in the southern part of the Caribbean, the sunshine here is very harsh but thanks to the mild winds, the temperature is not high and becomes more comfortable. With a pleasant climate and many beautiful white sand beaches, Aruba Island attracts a large number of tourists to visit and relax.

1. Explore the desert terrain

Aruba is not only a tropical island, but it also possesses a small remote desert region adjacent to the island’s northern coast. It is called Arikok National Desert Park, which contains many rugged cliffs, giant cacti and natural dry sand lakes.

The best way to experience the rugged terrain in this desert is to rent a Jeep off-road and explore the desert wilderness on the island.

As you walk along the rugged coast, you’ll find the iconic desert Twin Bridges, Bushiribana ruins, etc.

2. Participate in water sports

If you’re a water sports expert, you have plenty of opportunities to visit Palm Beach or Eagle Beach for swimming, snorkeling, boating, windsurfing, kite surfing or kayaking.

3. Sailing tourism

More interestingly, Aruba Island offers sailing cruises, taking you on an adventure around the island, with a variety of food and drinks on offer.

You will sail across the shipwrecks, its own islands and legendary beaches such as “Flamingo Beach”, where flamingos live a great deal.

4. Enjoy local cuisine

Not only desert tourism, participating in water sports activities, sailing but also on this island, you can visit the local restaurants on the island.

At the Atardi restaurant on Mariott’s beach, you can enjoy Macadamian grouper, seafood lunch of grouper, grouper, snapper, lobster at Papiamento restaurant under the palm tree.