The Caribbean islands are one of the most romantic spots in the world and also known for their rich culture and sport enthusiastic spirit. And, among various amazing Caribbean islands, the flat, tiny island of Bonaire is often forgotten by travelers – that is such a shame. Bonaire has an amazing climate, and it is safely out of reach from hurricane band. Visiting Bonaire, vacationers have many options to choose from visiting attractions such as salt flats, ancient rock art, historic buildings and exquisite beaches to seeing flamingoes and iguanas… Whatever that you are interested in, you can do it here.

Bonaire is also the first island to gain recognition as a Blue Destination, a pioneer to require use of permanent moorings rather than anchoring, abolish spearfishing, promote the protection of sea turtles and establish a marine park… With such protection programs, Bonaire is a top destination with the most fish and coral diversity in the Caribbean. 

Besides the beautiful nature, Bonairian has a long and strong interest in sports, especially water sports such as diving, snorkeling, sailing and boat building.  There are courses or dives for divers at all level from beginners to advanced learners. There are a huge number of sites that can be accessed from shore, or join along with a boat dive.  You can also head out to Sorobon for world-class windsurfing or head south to kite beach for some amazing air on a kiteboard.

And as a treat to travelers, this year Bonaire is proud to host the 2019 Sunfish World Championships. You will get the chance to witness the top sailors from each country battle in Bonaire. There will be 72 brand new boats, sails and trollies gathering at the island to level the playing field. All teams will sail with identical equipment from the beach at Plaza Resort along the shores of Bonaire to the bay directly in front to determine who is the fastest.