Caribbean is one of the diving capital of the world, and there is no better place to learn how to dive.

Scuba diving has many learning curves of all Caribbean scuba diving experiences, but the rewards include the ability to dive deeper and longer than anyone else and explore wrecks and other underwater attractions. shared by relatively few others. For many, an introduction to scuba marks the beginning of a lifelong love affair with a challenging but thrilling sport.

Many Caribbean hotels offer a “resort” that serves as a class of beginners in scuba; If you stay at a package resort, the course may even be included in your stay (otherwise, it will usually cost you less than $ 50). The dive shop – located anywhere there is water in the Caribbean, which means almost all islands) – also offers additional diving courses. These 2-3-hour courses include lectures, a session in the hotel’s pool to familiarize yourself with the diving equipment and the rules of the sport, and finally real diving in the ocean.

After that, you can visit a dive shop certified by the Association of Professional Diving Guides (PADI) to continue the dive training program, starting with Open Water Diver certification, you will need to go diving with excursion in the Caribbean. More information on scuba and certification is available at Scuba.

Top Caribbean dive sites include Saba, Bonaire, Turks and Caicos, and the US Virgin Islands, among others. There are also a number of diving resorts that incorporate many snorkeling trips at your cost of stay, such as the famous captain Don’s Habitat on Bonaire.

Above is the introduction to Snuba, a great form of diving that you can experience in the Caribbean islands. If you have a chance to visit the places, try this great water sports activity!