The long white sand beach with waves, the deserted beach, many attractive sea sports, the comforts from affordable to luxurious beach. That’s all that these The most beautiful beach of the Caribbean is attracting tourists on summer days.

Sun Bay Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico

Most of the island was used by the US Navy until 2003, so more than 40 beaches here have grown quite well. Sun Bay is probably the most thriving beach among them. Although the beach here has very simple names such as Blue, Red, Green but all are amazingly beautiful and worthy for visitors to enjoy.

Pink Sands Beach, Harbor Island, Bahamas

Possibly the most beautiful view in the world, the Pink Sands beach often turns orange-pink when the sun sets. Clean white sand, safe diving area, excellent jasmine beach for swimmers and comfort hotels are the attractions for this beautiful beach.

Varadero Beach, Cuba

This is the most beautiful and clean white sand beach of the Caribbean. This beach is not too large, but even if 50 hotels here are crowded, you still have enough room to sunbathe on the sandy beaches.

Playa Grande Beach, Guanacaste Island, Costa Rica

Strange things happen when you stroll along the curving curves of this beach: the sand will turn from pearl white to orange-gray, while the sea is still blue. Those who love walking the seaside often love the waves, while those who love nature enjoy the sea turtle nest on the sand.

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

The beautiful white sand beach is not always found in the Caribbean, but in Grenada there are many such beaches. For example, the Grand Anse with excellent white sand stretches, adding the grape growing areas and palm trees that are only available in the south of the capital, St. George, suitable for all families come here to relax.

Convenient access to the road, this beach has many delicious local specialties, seafood vendors and many water sport services.