2. Barbados

Barbados is also one of the perfect destinations for visitors to the Caribbean. It is impressive thanks to the wonderful climate, clean beach. Visitors also come here to enjoy delicious food and excellent quality restaurants. Beautiful beauty and various cultural activities will bring you many unforgettable experiences in life.

This island is formed by ocean sediments, with many natural lakes and caves underwater. Harrison Cave is the most beautiful cave in all caves. Clearwater flows through the caves, creating beautiful waterfalls and pools.

3. Aruba

Aruba Island is famous for its poetic beaches and rich beach activities thanks to its warm weather and sunny sky. This island is located in the South Caribbean Sea.

4. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a combination of islands. Here is known for its favorable weather conditions, thus making it the perfect place to travel year-round with an average temperature of only 21-26 degrees Celsius.

The white sand beaches of Puerto Rico are very popular with global tourists. There are also various tourist activities such as sailing, surfing, and snorkelling.

5. Antigua

Antigua is a small group of islands famous for its excellent restaurants, cafes and discos. The beaches here are filled with white sand, beautiful pink and luscious labels.

It is also one of the most important islands of the island of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua’s economy depends entirely on tourism.

It is known that Antigua Island is about 22 km long and 18 km wide with a total area of ​​281 km2. The capital and largest city of both Antigua and Barbuda is St. John, located on the northwest coast of Antigua.

The low islands here are formed by limestone rocks rather than volcanic activity. The highest point on the island is Mount Obama with a height of 402 meters. The locals are very friendly and also have a very interesting nightlife.