This article will provide a lot of interesting travel experience information, for those who first set foot in Aruba – the island paradise of tourism in the Caribbean.

Aruba is not only a tropical island, but it also possesses a small remote desert area adjacent to the island’s northern coast. It is called Arikok National Desert Park, home to many craggy cliffs, giant cacti and naturally dry sand pools.

The best way to experience this desert terrain is to hire an off-road Jeep and explore the wild desert on the island. As you walk along the rugged coast, you’ll see the deserted Twin Bridges rock formations, the Bushiribana ruins.

If you are already a water sports expert, you have many opportunities to visit Palm Beach or Eagle Beach for swimming, diving, sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing or kayaking.

Sailing tour

Interestingly, Aruba also offers sailing services on the sea, taking you on a sea adventure around the island, with a variety of food and drinks available on the boat.

You will sail by sunken ships, private islands and legendary beaches of the region like “Flamingo Beach”, where flamingos live a lot.

Caribbean Islands is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. It is a combination of about 7,000 islands. Here we will list 7 of the best Caribbean islands on which you can participate in water sports.        

1. Jamaica

Jamaica is the center of the Caribbean Islands. There are beautiful beaches, rich music and high-end resorts. The island’s flora and wildlife is rich and diverse, attracting many visitors. Golfers can get the best experience at the new golf courses built on the island.

The average temperature of the island is 27 degrees C. According to tourists, Jamaican people on the island are very friendly and ready to help you at any time.