The Punta Cana area offers plenty of chances to catch blue and white marlin and sailfish and wahoo while the French Island of Guadeloupe are filled with swordfish, especially during the night when you have easier chances to catch a bunch of them. 

Visitors can choose deep sea fishing which is the most popular option although fly fishing is also good in the saltwater flats around the coast.

Panama on the other hand, offers a variety of options and the opportunity of catching black marlin, especially during the dry season between January to April.

In Puerto Rico,  visitors will find many fishing options in lagoons, including deep sea fishing, kayak fishing, night fishing and fly fishing, as well as fishing camps for kids. Moreover, the Puerto Rico – San Juan International Billfish Tournament (August) is organized annually in August allowing both individuals and teams to compete in four days.

If you visit the beaches of Tobago, you will find many small fish and crabs at low tide, especially rockfish in the coves which is children’s favorite. And in case, you choose bottom line fishing, or spear fishing, there are numerous jackfish, barracuda and cavalla.

Moving to the North Drop and South Drop in the Virgin Islands, you will find the best deep sea fishing – home of blue marlin. Although you can catch marlin in the area year-round, the best months are between May and October.

In case you want to chase sailfish, bonefish, permit and tarpon, you must visit Yucatan Peninsula – Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and in the shallow waters around Isla Blanca. 

When you visit Caribbean fishing offshore, these are the fish you can expect to catch: Tuna (Blackfin, Yellowfin, Skipjack, Big Eye), Dorado (aka Mahi Mahi, Dolfin), Wahoo, Marlin (Blue, White), Sailfish, Grouper, Trigger fish, and even Sharks.