Caribbean windsurfing for beginners and experts

Windsurfing may seem like a youthful sport, but it is hardly new: it was invented by the Darby brothers in the 1920s in the most difficult position: Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 70 years. Later, windsurfing found a happy home on the Caribbean coast, as well as other coastal destinations around the world.

A combination of surfing and sailing, windsurfing combines the art of surfing and wind riding to create a water sports experience that both beginners and experts can feel comfortable with .

When you’re looking to start a windsurfing adventure, from lessons to the best places to ride, check out some Caribbean destinations.

Silver Sands, Barbados

The second possible only to Hawaii, Barbados offers some of the top windsurfing beaches in the world. With higher winds and higher waves, the Barbados Silver Sands area is a great place for intermediate surfers and professionals looking to challenge themselves and ride the wave. The best time to visit is from June to November and the different areas offer different riding conditions for everyone from beginners to experts.

For lessons while in Barbados, see the Brian Talma store at Silver Sands for instructions at all levels, as well as board rentals and partial replacement.

Cabarete Bay, Dominican Republic

A popular destination for beginners windsurfers, Cabarete Bay in the Dominican Republic has been a go to place in the past two decades for those looking to take their first dip in the world of windsurfing. A softer experience awaits visitors in the summer when the bay is calm and calm, while the winter months bring winds across the shore and sometimes sometimes high pillars of waves.

Looking to take lessons? The Mistral Club, located near Velero Beach Resort, offers lessons for beginner, intermediate and professional skills, as well as refresher courses for former professionals who want to return to the country.