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Caribbean IslanDs That Offer Online Sportsbook Licenses

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a stable island in a notoriously unstable region, becoming a similarly stable home for online sportsbooks.

As a US protectorate, Costa Rica is known for its progressive environmental policies and is the highest-ranked country in Latin America on the Human Development Index. Considered by many people as the world-class in establishing and managing the efficacy of clean energy sources, Costa Rica is also a successful example of how to become a host of online sportbooks.

How Does Costa Rica Regulate Its Sportsbooks? Actually, They Don’t Really

The Free Trade Zone (FTZ) that Costa Rica allows is exceptionally attractive for many multinational companies and foreign investors, as well as sportsbooks operators.

Costa Rica’s regulatory policies are fairly laissez-faire despite lacking of laws that govern any kind of gambling, given the fact that it was founded in 1821. There is still no governing body to monitor online sportsbooks, so these industry is operating without specific regulations.

Those who set up casinos in Costa Rica capitalize on the nation’s economic philosophy which enables extreme tolerance and against any form of managerial oversight.

While There’s No Regulatory Body, Sportsbooks Can Still Get Licenses

Eventually, the Costa Rican government launched an internet gaming license for online sportsbooks, despite the absence of a regulatory body for online sportsbooks.

While not mandatory for sportsbooks to get permit, many applied and got it regardless. This definitely assure customers with a peace of mind, knowing that they bet with a reliable sportsbook registering with the government.

Sportsbooks operating in Costa Rica are still free from regulation than in any other nations around the world.

Relaxed Standards for International Sportsbooks Doesn’t Means Relax for Its Citizens

Despite relax enforcement of sportsbooks’ practice, it is highly illegal for Costa Rica’s residents to participate in betting activities outside of a casino.

Any and all gambling on games determined as illegal activity, even within the bounds of casinos. Costa Rican law stated that the physical location of an online sportsbook’s server is not the place where bets technically take place.

Subsequently, it is within the bounds of the law for sportsbooks to operate within Costa Rica as long as they don’t attract the business of Costa Ricans.

The Jewels of Caribbean Archipelago That Offer Online Sportsbook Licenses (Part 3)

Antigua’s Regulatory Bodies

The Division of Gaming belongs to the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC), monitors the regulation. This department functions in compliance with international law, under the legal framework as stipulated by the Global Business Corporations Act and the Interactive Gaming and Interaction Betting Legislations.

To maximize efficiency – and enable the best service to the businesses they work with – the FSRC signed a MoU with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to allow licensed operator applying for an Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization, for hosting their business in either domain.

Antigua’s Gaming Laws – a Nexus of Internal Controversy

In 2017, a disagreement raised between Antigua and the United States of America in the wake of the hurricanes that devastated the Caribbean islands.

Some nations, including the United States, have claimed that, if a sports wagering transaction is initiated outside of Antigua, that transaction should be governed within the boundaries of the nation where it was generated.

This argument has been brought to the World Trade Organization (WTO) ans has been resolutely rejected as incorrect. Despite this, domestic US matters over online gambling (along with pressure with local casinos) caused the US to crackdown on online gambling in the beginning of 2000s.

In response to this action, which had a significant impact on Antigua’s strong but not exceptionally diverse economy, Antigua brought the case to the WTO in 2004. WTO declared that the US illegally violated the trade commitments with Antigua. As the result, Antigua had been unjustly gained of trade revenue from the US with $21 million.

The US has consistently tried to oppose to this decision but the WTO has sided very clearly with Antigua, not believing the US should be entitled to undue influence and interference in foreign countries.

The US has not paid Antigua the full amount which cumulative amount is estimated to be close to $200 million. This has been nearly fifteen-year since the dispute began. Antigua direly needs the money that they are rightfully owed to rebuild their economy after the extreme natural disaster.

The Jewels of Caribbean Archipelago That Provide Online Sportsbook Licenses (Part 1)

Many of the longest and strongest reputations sportsbooks house themselves outside of the United States, in the Caribbean islands such as Antigua, Costa Rica, and Curacao. Each of which offers online sportsbook licenses and cooperates with regulatory bodies to ensure legitimacy, safety, and highest satisfaction for bettors.If you are interested in knowing more about the nuances of each of these licensing regions and how they coordinate with sportsbooks to enable the best sports betting experiences for clients all over the globe, keep reading!

A small island and former British colony situated in the West Indies, Antigua is a famous location of operations for many online sportsbooks.
Antigua is popular both regionally and internationally for its unique ports that are geographically suitable for natural protection and shelter from extreme weather conditions. Just as Antigua is a safe haven for stranded sailors in need of shelters to avoid extreme weather, it similarly enables protection and a secure venue of operation for numerous sportsbooks.

Antigua Was the Pioneer in Offering Online Sportsbooks Licenses
Antigua was one of the first nations to legalize online sportsbooks, publishing its first license to an online sportsbook since 1994. By 1996, the nation organized 15 online sportsbooks. At its the highest period, Antigua’s online gaming industry recruited over 5,000 people, which was a significant proportion of the country’s workforce. Generating over $3.5 billion in annual revenue, the online sports betting industry focus on call center operations, marketing, and the Information Technology sector.

This small island nation has created a model for other nations on how countries can successfully integrate online sportsbooks to benefit their economy. The relationship between sportsbooks and the national employment and GDP rates has become mutually beneficial. Most, if not all, countries that permit licenses to online sportsbooks have built themselves after Antigua.

Caribbean casinos: Best places to gamble in the islands (Part 3)

St. Maarten

Hard struck by hurricanes, the island is planning on recovery including the reopening of 14 casinos on the Dutch side of the dual nation island with the biggest one is Casino Royale which is expected to reopen in the fall.  Casinos have already completed renovation after storm damage and open include Rouge Noir, the most favorite of cruise shippers with a penchant for gambling; Tropicana located on the south side of Cole Bay; Paradise Plaza situated in Simpson Bay with 250 slots and a sports book; Hollywood Casino, also in Simpson Bay, features 100 bingo seats and 16 game tables; and Princess Casino located at Port de Plaisance, with table games and 480 coinless slot machines. In the capital city Phillipsburg, Beach Plaza is built on Front Street and Jump Up Casino is next to the cruise pier.


Where servers wear as though they were participants of a carnival parade, Carnaval Casino creates the theme in the Renaissance. Curaçao Resort & Casino open for gaming from 10 a.m. – 4 a.m is the biggest hotel casino on the island, having 375 slots, plus blackjack and three-card poker tables. A short walk from the pastel-pretty capital city of Willemstad, the fun house is built to entertain devotees of bingo. For those taking baby steps as beginners, touchscreen keno and poker take penny bets is great starting point. At the Trupial Inn in the financial district, Hill Ross Casino features the pot with live bands; Diamond Beach Casino is convenient place for gamblers at the Papagayo Beach Resort; beach lovers can play the tables at the Curaçao Casino at the seaside Hilton Curacao; and for enthusiasts of sports betting, there are plenty of offers in the blue and green Casino Awasa in the Otrobanda Hotel. In the center of the city, Venito Casino located at the Holiday Beach Resort open until 4 a.m. every day with 350 slots and 14 table games.

Caribbean casinos: Best places to gamble in the islands (Part 2)

Puerto Rico 

One of 18 casinos on the island, Casino Metro at the Sheraton San Juan Hotel & Casino is the biggest one with over 400 slot machines and 18 table games to play blackjack, poker and baccarat. The casino is open 24/7 with complimentary food and beverage services including snacks and cocktails. In the stylish San Juan suburb known as Condado, there are several gaming hotspots include Casino del Mar in Renaissance La Concha Resort, with 20 tables, 416 slot machines and some slot lounges; Casino Del Sol at Courtyard Isla Verde Beach Resort; and Stellaris Casino at the San Juan Marriott featuring the most interesting bingo games and Latin dancing in the lobby called Red Coral Lounge. On the southern coast, there are casinos at the Holiday Inn Ponce, Ponce Hilton and the Ponce Plaza, Mayaguez Resort and Casino is the perfect place for stays and plays. Meanwhile, in the northern coastal valley, the earliest dice roll at 6 am at the Bayamon Casino. In the Hyatt Place Manati, Casino Atlántico is next to the Puerto Rico Premium Outlets shopping center for winners to spend their money prize.

Escaping the storms’ rage, the casino at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort is open while the rest of the resort is close and will only reopen starting from March 1. With 7,000 square feet of space for gaming, the casino is equipped with 150 slots, video poker, eight table games including blackjack, roulette, and the island’s hottest game, known as Jackpot del Encanto

In the main lobby of the beachfront St. Kitts Marriott, Royal Beach Casino is the largest casino on the island and the only one has a licensed sports book. The casino features 300 slot games, 20 table games and 13 screens for watching score of big league sports. For high-rollers, Sky Ultra Lounge is the luxury option that opens for night owls until 4am on Friday and Saturday and till 2 a.m. on all other nights.