The Bahamas Island is not only famous for its rich scenery and creatures, it also attracts tourists because of its beautiful nature. suffocating marks in blockbuster movies.

The Bahamas Pig Island is as beautiful as a movie in the Caribbean. The Bahamas Islands possess many small islands with beautiful beaches. Have you seen wild pigs swimming in the blue sea with tourists?

1. Swim at Gold Rock Beach in Lucayan National Park

Gold Rock Beach is the place marked in the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean. The beach with wild forest is full of wild nature. Seen from the sand, visitors can imagine themselves as lost in the desert in the pirate movie.

Most visitors are free to visit the beaches in the Bahamas after paying the entrance fee to Lucayan National Park is $5. There are also many other beautiful beautiful beaches around Harbor Island and Stocking in the national park. Remember to enjoy all the beachfront dining, bars and restaurants.

2. “Swing” at Atlantis Bahamas

Dubbed as one of the most luxurious resorts in the world, Atlantis owns casinos, golf courses, restaurants with luxury apartments.

Atlantis welcomes international visitors with Aquaventure water park with a total area of ​​nearly 58 hectares. Just fully explore this luxurious resort, visitors are tired enough with the abundant activities here.

In addition to the 11 private swimming pools in the resort complex, Atlantis owns many large white sand beaches and clear blue water for tourists.

3. Scuba diving

This is a sport that everyone should experience when coming to the Bahamas. The seabed here possesses extremely rich flora and fauna. In addition to coral reefs, shimmering underwater caves, this is also a place for rare sea creatures such as stingrays, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, etc.

In particular, only at the beaches around the Bahamas you can immerse yourself in the characters of Pirates of the Caribbean when you can freely explore the ancient ships that sink beneath the sea.

Diving costs including equipment rental range from USD 100-150 per person for the whole morning or afternoon. Find out the reasonable prices at famous companies like Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas, Sunn Odyssey Divers, etc.