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Lost in Cuba, a colorful jewel in the Caribbean

Ancient, magnificent, casual but attractive, Cuba is a country of colors with a harmonious combination of natural and artificial beauty, classic and modern.

Havana Old Town

Possessing architectural “pearls” that lasted for 5 centuries, the ancient city of Havana Vieja captivates visitors by the beautiful leading urban buildings in America. Stroll the cobbled streets, admire the colorful, long-lasting baroque-style houses, visitors easily imagine life in Cuba 200 years ago.


Varadero, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, is a famous Cuban tourist destination. Here, about 50 large and small hotels with convenient and modern services, spread along the green palm trees.

The clear blue sea and the gentle waves of fine white sand have created a romantic, poetic scene that attracts tourists from all over the world. Coming here, you can also participate in many interesting activities such as diving, sea fishing, golf, skydiving.


Trinidad journey is like a journey back in time. Visitors will think it is like returning to Cuba in the 17th, 18th and 18th centuries The buildings in the town are restored with vibrant colors.

The cobblestone streets in the city center are designed in the prevailing architecture of centuries ago, when Trinidad developed a prosperous trade of sugar and slavery.


Surrounded by sparkling beaches, far from the city center than Varadero, Guardalavaca, Holguin province, owns a quiet, quiet space. This destination is a place for tourists to swim, sunbathe and relax, avoid noise and bustle.

For diving enthusiasts, Guardalavaca is also the ideal place to admire the beautiful corals and explore the diverse world of marine life.

Cayo Largo del Sur

Cayo Largo del Sur Island is an attractive destination to find relaxing moments in the sun. It is famous for a chain of luxury hotels and resorts.

Located on the island of Cayo Largo del Sur, Playa Paraiso is one of the beaches to visit in Cuba. The clear blue sea embraces the smooth white sand to create a pristine and seductive beauty.

Zapata Peninsula

A paradise for nature lovers, Zapata Peninsula is located in a remote area, sparsely populated. However, it has diverse landscapes, arguably one of the largest wetlands in the Caribbean.

Zapata Wetlands is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. About 150 different species of birds live here, prominent as water birds, parrots, herons. In addition, crocodiles also reside a lot under the lagoon.


Ray – Belize Alley Shark

If you’ve ever wanted a encounter with sharks and rays, then don’t miss Shark Ray Alley off the coast of Ambergris Cay in Belize. Belize is famous for scuba diving, and going out to the Blue Hole is an unforgettable experience, but swimming with nurse sharks and rays is one of the most uplifting and thrilling experiences we’ve ever had in life.

The nurse sharks seem to enjoy human interaction and the rays welcome the divers as they swim towards them to touch their incredible wingspan. Attracted for years by fishermen cleaning up their catches, Shark Ray Alley has lots of sharks and rays that are still rushing towards the boats looking for scrap.

Coral reefs are filled with not only sharks and rays, but also colorful fish from Barracuda to clownfish – all in balance and harmony in the sea.

As our guide told us, today, don’t think about fish burgers, instead meet all my friends and shark photos and fish in a new way. When we look at the fish in the sea, we see that they all have a littler personality. They seem playful and full of joy and that’s exactly how we feel.

Scuba diving – Honduras

When we sign up for a master’s degree in diving in Honduras, we simply choose the location because the price is right. Accommodation on Utilla is very cheap and dive shops offer affordable prices. Little is known that it also offers some of the best diving in the world.

We saw everything in the waters of Honduras from sharks to starfish and sea horses to turtles. But it was here that we swam with a group of wild bottlenose dolphins and encountered the first whale sharks. Everything we ever wanted to see in the ocean was witnessed by our own eyes on the islands of Honduras. The sea is warm, clear and full of marine life.

The number one sport of Barbados – Cricket!

With its year-round beautiful climate and abundant tropical vistas, Caribbean is well-known for sports tourism, Barbados is an ideal destination to many sports enthusiasts. Besides, Barbadians are avid sportsmen who adore a wide variety of sports, including horse racing, road tennis, golf, polo, water sports, track and field, and especially cricket.

This love of sport has led to the establishment of plenty of world-class facilities throughout the island, and has attracted many overseas sportsmen from Europe, America and around the world coming to Barbados for international tournaments or to practice to improve their skills with a good match against local teams.

Cricket started its appearance in Barbados in 1892. Ever since, it created a glorious history with many Barbadians have contributed greatly to international and local cricket. The island is filled with many cricket grounds and the most famous one is Kensington Oval which is situated in Bridgetown. 

Cricket in Barbados is a passion with the Bajans eat, drink, sleep and inhale with cricket. And if people don’t play it, they watch it or talk about it with the most enthusiastic insight that would attract even people with no special interest in the game. 

Brought to the islands by British, cricket has quickly become national sport. At any given time of the year, people are likely to find an elite international test match being hosted at Kensington Oval, an exciting local club match or a friendly competition organized on open fields or along the beaches. 

Many Barbadian players have become internationally famous for their talents on the pitch, especially players of the West Indies team. Among the greatest all-rounder, Sir Garfield Sobers dominated the sport during his career as one of only 10 Barbados National Heroes. He even become the first batsman to ever score six sixes in a single which was an accomplishment that only one other batsman has since accomplished. In 1975 Queen Elizabeth II knighted Garfield Sobers for his services to cricket and his great honor to his country.

6 activities to try when traveling to the Caribbean Bahamas (Part 2)

4. Experience sailing, swimming with wild pigs

International tourists describe their sailing trips as amazing. Rent a boat to explore the archipelago for visitors to experience all the undersea activities such as snorkeling, spear fishing, swimming with wild pigs. There are also many tours to take you to the small islands. The price for buying a sailboat tour is “acrid” so be prepared before going. Many companies can offer up to $2,600/day for groups of 6.

The lovely wild pig swimming across the beach is what makes the Bahamas Islands more famous as the pig island.

International visitors all enjoy swimming, carrying and feeding lovely pigs.

5. Visit the islands of private paradise

Try to visit at least one island during your vacation in the Bahamas. In addition to swimming with dolphins, visitors also have the opportunity to admire the ghost flying Dutchman famous in the film Pirates of the Caribbean.

International tourists often choose itineraries such as visiting Castaway Cay where the luxurious Disney cruiser (left) of the Royal warship (right) is featured in the film Pirates of the Carribean.

Another great option is to explore CocoCay Island to experience many water sports like diving, skateboarding, kayaking. Don’t forget to rent a boat/canoe to explore the natural beauty of the island.

6. Visit Queen’s staircase

This staircase is a historical landscape built in the 18th century with many intricate carvings on limestone intricate by slaves of that period. This work has 66 stairs to help shorten the way to many other famous landmarks for visitors.

Standing on the stairs can feel the cool water from the beautiful artificial waterfall here. This historic site is located on Nassau Island in the Bahamas. This is the most populous area and also the place where international tourists visit and explore the most.

On each step there are exquisite carvings. The name of this staircase is set to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria with the merits of abolishing her slavery.

Caribbean casinos: Best places to gamble in the islands (Part 3)

St. Maarten

Hard struck by hurricanes, the island is planning on recovery including the reopening of 14 casinos on the Dutch side of the dual nation island with the biggest one is Casino Royale which is expected to reopen in the fall.  Casinos have already completed renovation after storm damage and open include Rouge Noir, the most favorite of cruise shippers with a penchant for gambling; Tropicana located on the south side of Cole Bay; Paradise Plaza situated in Simpson Bay with 250 slots and a sports book; Hollywood Casino, also in Simpson Bay, features 100 bingo seats and 16 game tables; and Princess Casino located at Port de Plaisance, with table games and 480 coinless slot machines. In the capital city Phillipsburg, Beach Plaza is built on Front Street and Jump Up Casino is next to the cruise pier.


Where servers wear as though they were participants of a carnival parade, Carnaval Casino creates the theme in the Renaissance. Curaçao Resort & Casino open for gaming from 10 a.m. – 4 a.m is the biggest hotel casino on the island, having 375 slots, plus blackjack and three-card poker tables. A short walk from the pastel-pretty capital city of Willemstad, the fun house is built to entertain devotees of bingo. For those taking baby steps as beginners, touchscreen keno and poker take penny bets is great starting point. At the Trupial Inn in the financial district, Hill Ross Casino features the pot with live bands; Diamond Beach Casino is convenient place for gamblers at the Papagayo Beach Resort; beach lovers can play the tables at the Curaçao Casino at the seaside Hilton Curacao; and for enthusiasts of sports betting, there are plenty of offers in the blue and green Casino Awasa in the Otrobanda Hotel. In the center of the city, Venito Casino located at the Holiday Beach Resort open until 4 a.m. every day with 350 slots and 14 table games.


We’ve done a lot of scuba diving around the world, but our favorite scuba diving experience is definitely diving through the flooded holes of this hollow island. Once you emerge inside the cave, you will be able to admire the breathtaking view of light through the gaps above.

The cave is beautiful but the underwater world is outstanding. Lighted up by the rays of the sun, colorful fish swim around the reef and you feel like you’re in a giant bowl of fish.

Underwater horseman – Dominican Republic

It’s interesting to mention our list of Caribbean water sports to try. While on our journey, one of our stops was La Romana Dominican and it was here that we signed up for the trip like the greatest adventure on the island, The Adventure Riders Adventure.

Having the opportunity to drive your own zodiac on broken waves is a thrilling experience and it lives up to the hype. The trip started on a quiet river where you enjoy the view of high cliffs; It was a relaxing and pleasant time.

But once you reach the mouth of the river in the Caribbean, the adventure begins. Everyone started the engine and faced strong waves. These aquatic racers were created to run and you can explore the coast with a bright smile on your face as you enjoy a wonderful ride in the open ocean.

Sailing – Jamaica

Slowing things down a bit, a boat trip is highly recommended anywhere in the Caribbean. This is also one of the Caribbean water sports that you do not have to do anything. I just love stepping on a catfish, sitting in the front seat and letting the waves glide across the trampoline to cool my hot skin.

Jamaica is especially beautiful with rocky coastline, clear water and Reggae music. There are pirates’ caves and coral reefs and we even stop for a moment to see the famous cliff divers at Rick’s Café.

At the end of the day, our inner kid has a chance to shine as we play on a water park with bridges, trampolines and water slides in front of Negril Beach.

Caribbean casinos: Best places to gamble in the islands (Part 2)

Puerto Rico 

One of 18 casinos on the island, Casino Metro at the Sheraton San Juan Hotel & Casino is the biggest one with over 400 slot machines and 18 table games to play blackjack, poker and baccarat. The casino is open 24/7 with complimentary food and beverage services including snacks and cocktails. In the stylish San Juan suburb known as Condado, there are several gaming hotspots include Casino del Mar in Renaissance La Concha Resort, with 20 tables, 416 slot machines and some slot lounges; Casino Del Sol at Courtyard Isla Verde Beach Resort; and Stellaris Casino at the San Juan Marriott featuring the most interesting bingo games and Latin dancing in the lobby called Red Coral Lounge. On the southern coast, there are casinos at the Holiday Inn Ponce, Ponce Hilton and the Ponce Plaza, Mayaguez Resort and Casino is the perfect place for stays and plays. Meanwhile, in the northern coastal valley, the earliest dice roll at 6 am at the Bayamon Casino. In the Hyatt Place Manati, Casino Atlántico is next to the Puerto Rico Premium Outlets shopping center for winners to spend their money prize.

Escaping the storms’ rage, the casino at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort is open while the rest of the resort is close and will only reopen starting from March 1. With 7,000 square feet of space for gaming, the casino is equipped with 150 slots, video poker, eight table games including blackjack, roulette, and the island’s hottest game, known as Jackpot del Encanto

In the main lobby of the beachfront St. Kitts Marriott, Royal Beach Casino is the largest casino on the island and the only one has a licensed sports book. The casino features 300 slot games, 20 table games and 13 screens for watching score of big league sports. For high-rollers, Sky Ultra Lounge is the luxury option that opens for night owls until 4am on Friday and Saturday and till 2 a.m. on all other nights. 

6 activities to try when traveling to the Caribbean Bahamas (Part 1)

The Bahamas Island is not only famous for its rich scenery and creatures, it also attracts tourists because of its beautiful nature. suffocating marks in blockbuster movies.

The Bahamas Pig Island is as beautiful as a movie in the Caribbean. The Bahamas Islands possess many small islands with beautiful beaches. Have you seen wild pigs swimming in the blue sea with tourists?

1. Swim at Gold Rock Beach in Lucayan National Park

Gold Rock Beach is the place marked in the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean. The beach with wild forest is full of wild nature. Seen from the sand, visitors can imagine themselves as lost in the desert in the pirate movie.

Most visitors are free to visit the beaches in the Bahamas after paying the entrance fee to Lucayan National Park is $5. There are also many other beautiful beautiful beaches around Harbor Island and Stocking in the national park. Remember to enjoy all the beachfront dining, bars and restaurants.

2. “Swing” at Atlantis Bahamas

Dubbed as one of the most luxurious resorts in the world, Atlantis owns casinos, golf courses, restaurants with luxury apartments.

Atlantis welcomes international visitors with Aquaventure water park with a total area of ​​nearly 58 hectares. Just fully explore this luxurious resort, visitors are tired enough with the abundant activities here.

In addition to the 11 private swimming pools in the resort complex, Atlantis owns many large white sand beaches and clear blue water for tourists.

3. Scuba diving

This is a sport that everyone should experience when coming to the Bahamas. The seabed here possesses extremely rich flora and fauna. In addition to coral reefs, shimmering underwater caves, this is also a place for rare sea creatures such as stingrays, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, etc.

In particular, only at the beaches around the Bahamas you can immerse yourself in the characters of Pirates of the Caribbean when you can freely explore the ancient ships that sink beneath the sea.

Diving costs including equipment rental range from USD 100-150 per person for the whole morning or afternoon. Find out the reasonable prices at famous companies like Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas, Sunn Odyssey Divers, etc.

Best places to gamble in the CARIBBEAN islands

Whether you love poker, the slots or the roulette wheel, you’ll find a winning gaming getaway in the tropical islands of Caribbean. In this post, you will find some of the best bets in the Caribbean.

The Bahamas    

No matter you rely on skill or luck, there’s endless of opportunity in Nassau and Paradise Island. Known as the Caribbean’s largest and newest casino, Baha Mar Casino comes in at 100,000 square feet of 126 table games of blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat and craps, other sports betting games, restaurants and bars throughout the casino floor. Glamorous decorated with island-inspired design complemented by natural daylight, pool and ocean views, butler service and many other, the Baha Mar Sports Book is a high-limit betting salons, open for wagers on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer games, etc.

Bridging the sky-scraping resort towers and spanning across a huge lagoon, the 50,000-square-foot Atlantis Casino at the gargantuan Atlantis Paradise Island Resort has an intelligent player-tracking system that allows guests to put their room key into a slot machine or show it at a table for a chance to win big prizes. Decorated with eye-catching sculptures made by glass artist Dale Chihuly, the casino features 85 tables dealing baccarat, poker, craps, roulette and blackjack, 725 slot machines and many racing and sports book. Our gaming experience includes elite Salon Privé caters to the casino customer, high-limit slot machines and ultra-private gaming rooms which is open 24/7 for slots and from 9 a.m. – 4 a. m., Sunday to Thursday, and to 9 a.m – 6 a.m. on weekends. For players looking to level up their game, free lessons are offered and, for those who book in advance, the $75K St. Patrick’s Slot Tournament is on the calendar from March 17 and $50K Blackjack Tournament on March 24.

Top 9 attractive water sport in Caribbean Island (part 1)

A Caribbean vacation is not a vacation until we get wet in the Caribbean Sea. The sapphire blue waters of the islands are so beautiful and fascinating, it would be a pity to miss a toe in the salty sea.

Although we enjoy luxury escapades, we also want to make sure we have great adventures. To help you get the most out of the water, we’ve put together our top 8 Caribbean water sports, which will make a great addition to your winter vacation.

While flying over the West Indies and the South Caribbean, we marvel at the ever-changing, beautiful blue water. From above, you can watch the colors change from light and dark as the depth of the ocean changes before us.

It took us two days to sail to the far southern islands and as soon as we arrived at the port, we began a roaring underwater adventure with The Sailors Riders at La Romana Dominican. It’s just one of the best Caribbean water sports we’ve tried, check out the rest below!

Swim with whale sharks – Mexico

Nothing is more magical than plunging into the deep blue waters off the coast of Cancun and facing the largest fish in the sea. They may be large but whale sharks are gentle giants that eat plankton. Their mouth is very large, but they cannot swallow you if they try.

Whale sharks seem to be moving at a slow pace, but keeping up with them is another story. Whale sharks really swim very fast so be prepared to swim so hard to keep up the pace. Check out our swimming experience with whale sharks in Mexico.

Snorkelling Thunderball Grotto – Bahamas

That’s where the Thunderball of the James Bond series was filmed. Into the Blue was also filmed here! It is not uncommon for Hollywood to flock to Exuma Cays to film blockbusters at Thunderball Grotto. It is not just heaven, it is adventure!

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