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Snuba: The great form of diving in the Caribbean islands (Part 2)

Caribbean is one of the diving capital of the world, and there is no better place to learn how to dive.

Scuba diving has many learning curves of all Caribbean scuba diving experiences, but the rewards include the ability to dive deeper and longer than anyone else and explore wrecks and other underwater attractions. shared by relatively few others. For many, an introduction to scuba marks the beginning of a lifelong love affair with a challenging but thrilling sport.

Many Caribbean hotels offer a “resort” that serves as a class of beginners in scuba; If you stay at a package resort, the course may even be included in your stay (otherwise, it will usually cost you less than $ 50). The dive shop – located anywhere there is water in the Caribbean, which means almost all islands) – also offers additional diving courses. These 2-3-hour courses include lectures, a session in the hotel’s pool to familiarize yourself with the diving equipment and the rules of the sport, and finally real diving in the ocean.

After that, you can visit a dive shop certified by the Association of Professional Diving Guides (PADI) to continue the dive training program, starting with Open Water Diver certification, you will need to go diving with excursion in the Caribbean. More information on scuba and certification is available at Scuba.

Top Caribbean dive sites include Saba, Bonaire, Turks and Caicos, and the US Virgin Islands, among others. There are also a number of diving resorts that incorporate many snorkeling trips at your cost of stay, such as the famous captain Don’s Habitat on Bonaire.

Above is the introduction to Snuba, a great form of diving that you can experience in the Caribbean islands. If you have a chance to visit the places, try this great water sports activity!

Hiking in BarbaDOS

What are the best places for windsurfing in the Caribbean (Part 2)

Malmok Beach, Aruba

Happy Island is an especially popular destination for windsurfing because it is one of the most crowded islands in the Caribbean – known for its warm but fairly stable breeze. With lessons for all skills on Malmok Beach, Aruba is a friendly place, sure to give everyone in the family the surfing experience they are looking for.

For surfers and surfers, Aruba Hi-Winds, an Aruban windsurfing competition and one of the most popular sports events in the Caribbean, takes place every year at The Fishermen’s Huts (in the middle of Malmok beach). and Palm Beach) with 20 categories and skill levels.

Oualie Beach, Nevis

For those looking to start their journey to windsurfing in the calm waters, Oualie Beach in Nevis is a great destination. A sheltered cove is waiting for newcomers to come to shallow depths and calm conditions, while the waters just outside the cove provide a small split for those who want to test their new skills.

For lessons and tutorials at all levels, drop by Oualie Beach Resort, located by the beach at Oualie Beach.

Arenal Lake, Costa Rica

Labeled as the “only Expert” by Forbes, Lake Arenal in Costa Rica offers one of the most tested locations in the world for fans. The lake is located between two mountains, forming strong winds creating wet waters and creating conditions for windsurfing suitable for practicing surfers looking to challenge themselves. In late winter and early spring, winds averagely 25 miles per hour, leaving chaotic and challenging conditions.

Sorobon Beach, Bonaire

While Sorobon Beach in Bonaire offers a surfing spot for every skill level, it also offers one of the better expert-level positions with waves going through your head and your wind pushing you all the way. On average, the waves roll in about 10 feet, so surfing here is not for the faint of heart. For all skill levels, lessons are provided above on Sorobon Beach in Jibe City.

Snuba: The great form of diving in the Caribbean islands (Part 1)

Snuba is basically scuba diving without a tank on its back; It’s a great way to get introduced to the sport and overcome any initial fears you might have about diving.

Snuba’s official slogan is “Go Beyond Snorkeling”, and it is an appropriate description of the experience that falls into the situation between snorkeling and scuba diving. Like snorkeling and scuba diving, you’re wearing a diving mask. However, instead of a snorkel, you have an adjustment in your mouth, as with scuba. But you don’t carry your own oxygen supply – the tanks are kept on a float and the surface, and the air is pumped through the pipe for your adjustment. No wetsuit is needed, either.

For my money, this is the best alternative for scuba out there. The introductory course takes only 15 minutes, you don’t need to be certified, and have a minimum amount of gear to fuss with. If you’ve never done scuba before, the biggest mental challenge will probably be used to breathe through things.

The first time I did Snuba – in Little Bay, St Maarten, with Blue Bubbles – I had a moment of panic when I lowered my head into the water until I realized I didn’t have to dive and I could spend time space to relax and breathe while I’m still paddling on the surface near the buoy. Then it was great – the first time I got the thrill of diving into the water (don’t forget to turn on the ear to reduce the pressure) like the divers I always envied when I was diving above.

Snuba prices change from Destination but relatively inexpensive in Cozumel – a lot for the experience you get. Anyone ages 8 and can Snuba, and there is also a special program “Snuba Doo” for young children.

Thoroughbred Horse Racing in Barbados

Although horse racing is not usually associated with the Caribbean but Great Britain, the “sport of kings” is very popular in Barbados which is home to one of the oldest race tracks in the Americas – The Garrison Savannah and the most famous races – Barbados Turf Club on the outskirts of the city of Bridgetown.

Among numerous events, the Turf Club organizes the best with three meets per year that present an elegant atmosphere of Caribbean flavor and British charm, attaching race enthusiasts to witness horses at their best. Horse racing in Barbados dates back to the time it was part of the British empire since 1845. 

If you have a chance to visit Barbados, you must watch horse racing. Even if you don’t know much about the horses, you will be thrilled by the electric atmosphere, good food, and a flutter if you wish to indulge.

Here are the most important races on the Barbados racing calendar:

The Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup

The Barbados Gold Cup is the most popular horse race in the Southern Caribbean that is organized annually on the first Saturday in March each year since 1982. This race requires contestants to race over a turf course at a distance of 1,800 meters on horse age three or older. Spectators coming from all over the world to this event is treated to top quality races. Horses in this race are top quality, owned by the world’s leading investors in thoroughbred racing. Furthermore, audiences are treated with delectable food, live music while witnessing a Gold Cup Parade. 

The Barbados Triple Crown

The 1st leg – The Banks Barbados Guineas occurs in April.

The 2nd leg – The Pinnacle Feeds Midsummer Creole Classic is organized in July, and

The 3rd leg – The United Insurance Barbados Derby occurs in August.

What are the best places for windsurfing in the Caribbean (Part 1)

Caribbean windsurfing for beginners and experts

Windsurfing may seem like a youthful sport, but it is hardly new: it was invented by the Darby brothers in the 1920s in the most difficult position: Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 70 years. Later, windsurfing found a happy home on the Caribbean coast, as well as other coastal destinations around the world.

A combination of surfing and sailing, windsurfing combines the art of surfing and wind riding to create a water sports experience that both beginners and experts can feel comfortable with .

When you’re looking to start a windsurfing adventure, from lessons to the best places to ride, check out some Caribbean destinations.

Silver Sands, Barbados

The second possible only to Hawaii, Barbados offers some of the top windsurfing beaches in the world. With higher winds and higher waves, the Barbados Silver Sands area is a great place for intermediate surfers and professionals looking to challenge themselves and ride the wave. The best time to visit is from June to November and the different areas offer different riding conditions for everyone from beginners to experts.

For lessons while in Barbados, see the Brian Talma store at Silver Sands for instructions at all levels, as well as board rentals and partial replacement.

Cabarete Bay, Dominican Republic

A popular destination for beginners windsurfers, Cabarete Bay in the Dominican Republic has been a go to place in the past two decades for those looking to take their first dip in the world of windsurfing. A softer experience awaits visitors in the summer when the bay is calm and calm, while the winter months bring winds across the shore and sometimes sometimes high pillars of waves.

Looking to take lessons? The Mistral Club, located near Velero Beach Resort, offers lessons for beginner, intermediate and professional skills, as well as refresher courses for former professionals who want to return to the country.



Location: GeorgetownCayman Islands

Distance: Marathon

Date: 02 Dec 2018

If you are a runner, it is obvious that you could run anywhere in the world! Still, wouldn’t it be incredible to run on a beautiful, flawless landscape of Caribbean island, surrounded by tropical flora and fauna, and magnificent views of the sea? 

It is even greater if you can participate in the Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon with well-know for its warm, intimate and friendly atmosphere which route is IAAF-sanctioned, chip timed and a Boston Qualifier. The route is also flat and fast, ensuring ideal running conditions for both newbie runner and professional who compete for the next PR!


Age Limit

To qualify for joining the Full Marathon run, participants must be 16 years old, and 12-15 year-olds for the Half Marathon and Relay event with parental permission. For the Kids Fun Run, children must be 5-11 years old.

Aid Stations

Water and Aid stations will be placed every mile of the course while Gatorade is provided at each station. First Aid Stations will be located every 2 miles and medic stations and personnel from the Cayman Islands National Red Cross will be at the start, finish line and at the 7 and 20 Mile marker to make sure runners are provided with quality care.

Award Medals

Top 3 males and females overall in the Marathon and Half Marathon will receive medals. Group medals will be given to the top three teams in 5 different relay divisions. In addition to that, all participants who complete their race will receive a commemorative finishers medal.

Maximum Time 

Maximum time for both Full and Half Marathon is 6 hours in order to not block the traffic.


Parking areas have been organized at several locations including the Water Front Centre, Anderson Square, Royal Bank, Bayshore and First Caribbean Bank parking lots.

Playing sports on Caribbean islands to explore the underwater world (Part 4)

The DePalm tour in Aruba costs less and has a special underwater walkway for cruises traveling through a sunken Cessna plane. That sounds even better, as does Dolphin Trek at Xel-Ha Park in Riviera Maya. You can also find Sea Trek in the Bahamas (at Atlantis Resort), Belize, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman, St. Lucia, St Maarten, US Virgin Islands and – soon – Jamaica, at Dolphin Cove. In Mexico, Xcaret park and other suppliers in Cozumel also offer Sea Trek.

If you really don’t want to bother with any equipment but still want to see what diving under the surface is all about, check out Atlantis Adventures. This company, operating in Aruba, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Cozumel and St. Martin, provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get down to real submarines and see corals, marine life and wrecks.

It’s a noisy, no annoying experience: You line up at the dock, a small tender boat takes you out to the side anchors, and a fixed gangplank allows you to easily access a hatch and Stairs lead to the cottage. (Climbing the stairs can be difficult if you have a physical problem, and the side cannot be disabled.) When inside, place your position on the opposite two rows of seats facing a row of large glass windows.

It was cozy but not crowded even with 40-plus passengers on board, and when my daughter and I went to sub Atlantis in Aruba, we never felt like our outside view was obscured. In fact, the views are great, the cabin is air-conditioned, and there’s really little sense of motion in this battery-powered, quiet accessory – a good thing if you’re prone to motion sickness.

The sub dives about 130 feet and offers close-ups looking at a large coral formation and a sunken ship; a handy fish identification guide helps you figure out what’s swimming by the window, and a digital display shows you how deep you are. The experience is well worth the $ 100 or so splurge – after all, how many chances would you have to come down in an extra, Jules Verne style?

Caribbean Region Travel Guide For Statia (St. Eustatius) (Part 2)

Statia hotel and resort

Selecting a hotel on Statia is quite simple, as there are only five to choose from: The Country Inn with six rooms in a garden; seaside, 20 rooms Golden Era Hotel; Kings Well resort with dozens of villas and views of Oranje Bay; The old Gin Ginx workshop, built of bricks, bears the shape of a ship and is surrounded by tropical gardens; and Statia Lodge, with 19 private residences set between an inactive volcano and the Caribbean.

Statia Holiday Rentals

Statia is hardly a culinary destination like St. Barths are nearby, but the restaurants plus dozens of islands include some interesting options. Premium dining is usually limited to hotels like Kings Well and Old Gin House, but don’t miss Ocean View Terrace, located in the courtyard of the Government Guest House overlooking Oranje Fort.

Most restaurants are casual and the choices include burgers, pizzas, local cuisine and some incredible Chinese restaurants. Smoke Alley Bar and Grill is a restaurant and an outdoor beach bar; Blue Bead Bar and restaurant in Lower Town Oranjestad are famous for Italian and French cuisine.

Statia Culture and History

Now considered a sleepy outpost, Statia was once one of the busiest islands – and most fought in the Caribbean. Island ownership had changed at least 22 times during the battle of control between the Netherlands and Spain, and Statia’s busy port was also the main pipeline for the American colonies as they fought the British in the war. revolutionary paintings. After more than 150 years of declining fortunes, Statia began developing its tourism infrastructure in the 1960s and 1970s.

Statia Events and Festivals

Carnival, held annually on Statia since 1964, is the highlight of the island’s festival calendar, held over a period of two weeks each July and early August. Statia-America Day is Nov. 16, recognized the fact that St. Eustatius was the first country on Earth to recognize the independence of the United States. Other major holidays include the Queen’s Birthday (April), Liberation Day (July) and Antillean Day (October 30).

Statia nightlife

Statia is not a party destination, so you’ll find that the nightlife here is usually limited to hotel lounges and some bars. The Smoke Alley Bar and Grille on Gallows Bay, an outdoor bar on the beach, is probably your best bet for a classic Caribbean experience.

Visit Barbados – Paradise Island in Carribean Sea

The Carribean Sea, with its amazingly beautiful blue sea, is always one of the top choices for travelers looking for a place full of sunshine and waves.

As soon as we arrive here, we will feel a relaxed, gentle and free atmosphere. The indigenous people are very peaceful and friendly. They usually do everything in a relaxed rhythm.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Barbados

If you are used to their way of life, you will find it extremely comfortable – the comfort seems to be everything in Barbados. In the early morning, you are usually awakened at 11:25, instead of 8, or 9 or 10 like anywhere else in the world.

This island has all you can imagine about a “tropical paradise”: coconut, hummingbirds, rainforest, blue sea and sand beaches stretching for miles.

However, if you think you will find yourself a long deserted sand beach, you will be disappointed, because all of them are common. Coastal hotels have their own private beach, guarded by security guards – which means you can sunbathe without worrying about being disturbed by people street vendors.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Barbados is a small island but not without beautiful scenery. A trip around the island will help you discover it, and the places you should visit are: Harrison Caves, Rum Winery and flower gardens or rainforest. But surely you will never want to be away from the sea and the best activities in Barbados are associated with water.

Feeding sea turtles is an interesting but very cheap activity that hotels often organize for tourists. If you want to try something more special, you can join a boat trip on the sea or fish in deep water.

If you want to explore the Caribbean environment below 150 feet of water, you can take a cruise on the Atlantis submarine. This trip promises an unprecedented experience.

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