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Playing sports on Caribbean islands to explore the underwater world (Part 4)

The DePalm tour in Aruba costs less and has a special underwater walkway for cruises traveling through a sunken Cessna plane. That sounds even better, as does Dolphin Trek at Xel-Ha Park in Riviera Maya. You can also find Sea Trek in the Bahamas (at Atlantis Resort), Belize, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman, St. Lucia, St Maarten, US Virgin Islands and – soon – Jamaica, at Dolphin Cove. In Mexico, Xcaret park and other suppliers in Cozumel also offer Sea Trek.

If you really don’t want to bother with any equipment but still want to see what diving under the surface is all about, check out Atlantis Adventures. This company, operating in Aruba, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Cozumel and St. Martin, provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get down to real submarines and see corals, marine life and wrecks.

It’s a noisy, no annoying experience: You line up at the dock, a small tender boat takes you out to the side anchors, and a fixed gangplank allows you to easily access a hatch and Stairs lead to the cottage. (Climbing the stairs can be difficult if you have a physical problem, and the side cannot be disabled.) When inside, place your position on the opposite two rows of seats facing a row of large glass windows.

It was cozy but not crowded even with 40-plus passengers on board, and when my daughter and I went to sub Atlantis in Aruba, we never felt like our outside view was obscured. In fact, the views are great, the cabin is air-conditioned, and there’s really little sense of motion in this battery-powered, quiet accessory – a good thing if you’re prone to motion sickness.

The sub dives about 130 feet and offers close-ups looking at a large coral formation and a sunken ship; a handy fish identification guide helps you figure out what’s swimming by the window, and a digital display shows you how deep you are. The experience is well worth the $ 100 or so splurge – after all, how many chances would you have to come down in an extra, Jules Verne style?

Caribbean Region Travel Guide For Statia (St. Eustatius) (Part 2)

Statia hotel and resort

Selecting a hotel on Statia is quite simple, as there are only five to choose from: The Country Inn with six rooms in a garden; seaside, 20 rooms Golden Era Hotel; Kings Well resort with dozens of villas and views of Oranje Bay; The old Gin Ginx workshop, built of bricks, bears the shape of a ship and is surrounded by tropical gardens; and Statia Lodge, with 19 private residences set between an inactive volcano and the Caribbean.

Statia Holiday Rentals

Statia is hardly a culinary destination like St. Barths are nearby, but the restaurants plus dozens of islands include some interesting options. Premium dining is usually limited to hotels like Kings Well and Old Gin House, but don’t miss Ocean View Terrace, located in the courtyard of the Government Guest House overlooking Oranje Fort.

Most restaurants are casual and the choices include burgers, pizzas, local cuisine and some incredible Chinese restaurants. Smoke Alley Bar and Grill is a restaurant and an outdoor beach bar; Blue Bead Bar and restaurant in Lower Town Oranjestad are famous for Italian and French cuisine.

Statia Culture and History

Now considered a sleepy outpost, Statia was once one of the busiest islands – and most fought in the Caribbean. Island ownership had changed at least 22 times during the battle of control between the Netherlands and Spain, and Statia’s busy port was also the main pipeline for the American colonies as they fought the British in the war. revolutionary paintings. After more than 150 years of declining fortunes, Statia began developing its tourism infrastructure in the 1960s and 1970s.

Statia Events and Festivals

Carnival, held annually on Statia since 1964, is the highlight of the island’s festival calendar, held over a period of two weeks each July and early August. Statia-America Day is Nov. 16, recognized the fact that St. Eustatius was the first country on Earth to recognize the independence of the United States. Other major holidays include the Queen’s Birthday (April), Liberation Day (July) and Antillean Day (October 30).

Statia nightlife

Statia is not a party destination, so you’ll find that the nightlife here is usually limited to hotel lounges and some bars. The Smoke Alley Bar and Grille on Gallows Bay, an outdoor bar on the beach, is probably your best bet for a classic Caribbean experience.

Visit Barbados – Paradise Island in Carribean Sea

The Carribean Sea, with its amazingly beautiful blue sea, is always one of the top choices for travelers looking for a place full of sunshine and waves.

As soon as we arrive here, we will feel a relaxed, gentle and free atmosphere. The indigenous people are very peaceful and friendly. They usually do everything in a relaxed rhythm.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Barbados

If you are used to their way of life, you will find it extremely comfortable – the comfort seems to be everything in Barbados. In the early morning, you are usually awakened at 11:25, instead of 8, or 9 or 10 like anywhere else in the world.

This island has all you can imagine about a “tropical paradise”: coconut, hummingbirds, rainforest, blue sea and sand beaches stretching for miles.

However, if you think you will find yourself a long deserted sand beach, you will be disappointed, because all of them are common. Coastal hotels have their own private beach, guarded by security guards – which means you can sunbathe without worrying about being disturbed by people street vendors.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Barbados is a small island but not without beautiful scenery. A trip around the island will help you discover it, and the places you should visit are: Harrison Caves, Rum Winery and flower gardens or rainforest. But surely you will never want to be away from the sea and the best activities in Barbados are associated with water.

Feeding sea turtles is an interesting but very cheap activity that hotels often organize for tourists. If you want to try something more special, you can join a boat trip on the sea or fish in deep water.

If you want to explore the Caribbean environment below 150 feet of water, you can take a cruise on the Atlantis submarine. This trip promises an unprecedented experience.

Playing sports on Caribbean islands to explore the underwater world (Part 3)

I recently did Sea Trek during a visit to Cozumel in the Caribbean Caribbean, at the Chankanaab nature park. This is a favorite sport in the Caribbean islands. The tour begins at the end of the pier, where your guide will give you some brief instructions about the rear hand signals (including how to signal if you are frightened and want to return to the ground). ) and how to get into Trek Trek’s diving helmet water (answer: slow).

Then it’s time to put on the device, which is like a space helmet that sits right on your shoulder. Out of the water, it’s really heavy, so you don’t want to linger on the dock. (You don’t get any other equipment, so just wear a bathing suit.) Once you’re in the water you basically just sink to the bottom, and voila, you’re standing underwater!

A tube from the surface provides air into the helmet, and the pressure holds water out. For breathing purposes, this works very well, and large transparent bubbles around your head help Prevent you from feeling stuffy. It all sounds pretty stupid, unless you decide to take off the helmet on purpose. You need to stand up straight, of course, but it’s hard to fall into the water.

The drawback of this system, however, is that the sound of the air being pumped into the helmet is huge, so you don’t exactly get a serene, Little Mermaid kind of experience down there. And, even underwater helmets make awkward movements, and you still feel the weight of the thing on your shoulders.

Once the initial thrill disappears, that’s also the problem – at least in Chankanaab – that’s not much to see or do while you’re at the bottom. You really can’t go far from the pier, your time below is limited (less than 10 minutes), and the seabed just outside the beach is quite barren – sand, a few boulders, some pilings, and a regular fish floating by.

Our guides did their best to make things interesting – including scattering food to draw fish closer – but that’s not it. Certainly not for $ 75-100 you will pay for experience.

Caribbean Region Travel Guide For Statia (St. Eustatius) (Part 1)

St. Eustatius, or Statia, is described as a sleepy corner of the Caribbean, although the historic island is at the center of the action as English, French, Dutch and Spanish fought to control it. Caribbean. “The Golden Rock” is one of the last great destinations where you can enjoy the taste of the old Caribbean, a comfortable island with flashy attractions but plenty of great natural habitats. great, well preserved and aplenty history.

Basic tourist information of Statia

Location: Part of Netherlands, located in Leeward Islands near St. Martin / Maarten, Saba and St. Barths.

Size: 8.1 square miles.

Investment capital: Oranjestad

Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish

Religions: Seventh-day Adventists, Methodists, Roman Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Bahai Faith, Baptist, Anglican, Apostolic, Pentecostal, and World Beliefs

Currency: Antillean Guilder; The US dollar is also widely accepted.

Phone/Area code: 599.

Tipping: 15%; Service charge includes at the hotel.

Weather: Arid tropical sea; The storm threatens from July to November.

Airport: FD Roosevelt Airport (Test Flight). Most flights originate from St Maarten; There is also regular ferry service from the nearby Caribbean island of the Netherlands.

Things to Do in Statia

Diving is a major attraction in Statia thanks to its unique blend of warm water, healthy coral reefs, abundant shipwrecks and underwater volcanic landscapes. St. Marine Park Eustatius is part of Statia’s diverse ecotourism services, which also include an inactive volcano, a rainforest shelter and an extensive trail system. History buffs will find plenty to love about Statia, including the 1629 Fort Oranje Training Workshop, the Old Town in Oranjestad, and the Lynch Plantation Museum.

Statia Beach

Statia is not really a beach destination, but there is a trio of beaches that can swim on the island: Oranje Beach on tranquil Caribbean waters with beige and black sand, while Zeelandia Beach is a secluded strip on the Atlantic side of the island, water and a dangerous commitment.

Therefore, more suitable for private sunbathing than swimming (in fact, swimming is explicitly prohibited on some). Lynch Beach, also on the Atlantic Ocean, is a small beach with shallow water that is best suited for shore bathing.

Football Curacao – tulips from the Caribbean Islands

CONCACAF is an acronym for the North Central American Football Association and the Caribbean, which is made up of three regions, and the weight of football is also different. In Central America, football is the breath of the people with traditional sport backgrounds like Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica.

In North America, baseball and basketball dominate, while the influence of British culture makes cricket a symbol of the Caribbean Islands. And in Curacao, baseball is considered the national soul, the national spirit of sports lovers, when they are proud to witness many legends once famous at the American professional baseball tournament.

Bacuna - từng nổi danh trong màu áo Aston Villa - là cái tên sáng giá nhất của tuyển Curacao hiện tại. 

Amidst the windy beaches of the Caribbean, few people pay attention to the football of this land until one day in 2014, when the legendary Patrick Kluivert returned to his motherland with the goal of heading to the World Cup.

With a population of about 159,000 people, Curacao is tiny in the Atlantic. They are not a nation, but a Dutch territory that was created in 2010 after Antilles, the autonomous nation was abolished. Geographically and politically, Curacao has many similarities to Surinam, another Dutch territory, and is influenced by every aspect of life and culture of this country.

Football is influenced the same way. Surinam’s children like Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard or Virgil van Dijk have been helping the team create a foothold. The Curacao bloodline also has an impact on Dutch football, though to a lesser extent with Leroy Fer, Vurnon Anita or Tahith Chong. With such a young formation history, Curacao football is still strange to fans.

“See everything as a party for fun and comfort,” Leandro Bacuna – the brightest talent of Curacao – said before the stage of the competition with Jamaica in the 2017 Gold Cup, the first major tournament of football. Curacao in history.

Like most of the squad that year, Bacuna was born and absorbed the football culture from the Netherlands. If you regularly follow the Premier League, it will not be difficult to realize that Bacuna has played for Aston Villa. Similarly, Cuco Martina, the other big name in the squad, played for Cardiff City in the second half of last season.

Sports Events in grand cayman islands (part 1)

The Cayman Islands are located in the beautiful Caribbean Sea with crystal clear waters, and white sands. Living in Cayman gives residents the perfect location and opportunity to explore a wide variety of sports at all levels all year round, especially outdoor water sports. The weather is warm all the round, combined with generally shorter working hours, means that after work training and sports are a way of life. Sports bring the whole community together to enjoy wonderful moments. There are also plenty of sporting events such as the Flowers Sea Swim, Cayman Islands Marathon and the CI Triathlon…

Flowers Sea Swim
The tradition of the Flowers One Mile Sea Swim began over two decades ago as a must-do flagship sporting event for open water aficionados in Grand Cayman. This year on June 15, 2019, the local celebrate its 27th year anniversary and the title being one of the World’s Top 13 Open Water Swims.
The last event’s race attracted almost 1000 registrants around the world aged from 8 to 80 years old. Their skills ranged from first-timers to novices as gold medal Olympians and world championship open water specialists.
The unique features of the Flowers Sea Swim are both in its flawless beauty along Cayman’s beautiful Seven Mile Beach, and the numerous worthy prizes of $100,000 in cash and random prizes including blackberries, Ipad’s, hotel stays, and dozens of airline tickets to premier destinations such as Miami, New York, Panama, Rome, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc. The race is known as the world’s richest open water event with all finishers receive a fantastic t-shirt and goody bag filled with prizes and surprises!
In 2019, Cayman also hosted the UANA Masters Open Water Swimming Circuit from June 15 to June 2019 with delegations from North, South and Central America.
All registration fees will be donated to the Special Olympics Cayman Islands.

VISIT Aruba – the paradise island in the Caribbean

This article will provide a wealth of interesting travel experiences, for those who first arrive in Aruba – the island of Caribbean tourism paradise.

Unlike most parts of the Americas – Caribbean, Aruba has a dry climate with arid land, no rivers, many cacti grow on this island. Because Aruba Island is located in the southern part of the Caribbean, the sunshine here is very harsh but thanks to the mild winds, the temperature is not high and becomes more comfortable. With a pleasant climate and many beautiful white sand beaches, Aruba Island attracts a large number of tourists to visit and relax.

1. Explore the desert terrain

Aruba is not only a tropical island, but it also possesses a small remote desert region adjacent to the island’s northern coast. It is called Arikok National Desert Park, which contains many rugged cliffs, giant cacti and natural dry sand lakes.

The best way to experience the rugged terrain in this desert is to rent a Jeep off-road and explore the desert wilderness on the island.

As you walk along the rugged coast, you’ll find the iconic desert Twin Bridges, Bushiribana ruins, etc.

2. Participate in water sports

If you’re a water sports expert, you have plenty of opportunities to visit Palm Beach or Eagle Beach for swimming, snorkeling, boating, windsurfing, kite surfing or kayaking.

3. Sailing tourism

More interestingly, Aruba Island offers sailing cruises, taking you on an adventure around the island, with a variety of food and drinks on offer.

You will sail across the shipwrecks, its own islands and legendary beaches such as “Flamingo Beach”, where flamingos live a great deal.

4. Enjoy local cuisine

Not only desert tourism, participating in water sports activities, sailing but also on this island, you can visit the local restaurants on the island.

At the Atardi restaurant on Mariott’s beach, you can enjoy Macadamian grouper, seafood lunch of grouper, grouper, snapper, lobster at Papiamento restaurant under the palm tree.

Cricket in Jamaica

In the past, Cricket in Jamaica was considered a sport played by the elite of British colonialism. It is also the very first British game played in Jamaica only by the upper classes. Today, the rules of the game remain the same technically and socially in which teams are divided into “gentlemen” and “players,” with their very own locker room.
Cricket was a game that exemplified English reserve, the social structure of the game shows how the appearance of propriety and manners remain critical to the game. Jamaicans from all social backgrounds start to play the game, and overtime, it is thriving to become the most popular sport throughout the Caribbean at all socio-economic levels.
Jamaica has produced many of the world’s best cricketeers and cricket team including the West Indies as the best in the world. They also built the largest and best known cricket stadiums in the Caribbean – the Sabina Park in Kingston – with the total capacity of 12,000 seatings.
Cricket is a popular spectator sport which consistently draw large audiences coming to cheer their favorite teams. The West Indies began playing in 1928 and compete in international competition. In 1935, the team won the first test series which is played over five days, with each round lasting about seven hours.

In 1950, there was the biggest change in the game when the team won a series victory and started to play at international level. From the 1960s to the 1980s, cricket continues to be popular throughout Jamaicans and the West Indies team was the leader in the world of cricket.
Some of the most famous Caribbean cricket players are Michael Holding, Courtney Walsh, Jeffrey Dujon, Alfred Valentine, Jackie Hendricks, Collie Smith, Lawrence Rowe, Allan Rae, Maurice Foster, Jimmy Adams, Robert Samuels and George Headley whi is arguably Jamaica’s most famous cricket star in 1930s.

Playing sports on Caribbean islands to explore the underwater world (Part 2)

There is nothing more unpleasant than a mask full of half saltwater, so be sure to cinch the strap on your mask tightly so that no water is printed. This can be done simply by placing the mask on your head first, loose, then pulling the tight straps on either side of the head.

It may sound rough, but the easiest way to keep your mask from getting blurred is to spit it into the lens and rub saliva around, then dip it in water to rinse.

Remember to attach the snorkel to the mask strap to keep it upright while you are swimming and to prevent water from entering the tube.

If water enters your breathing tube, do not panic. Just stop, lift your head above the surface of the water, and remove the mouthpiece and flush or blow it out to get water out.

Don’t be afraid to swim: Yes, they look dorky, and they can hardly walk around while you’re still on the boat. But they will make a different world when you are in the water, especially if you are not a strong swimmer. Try to wait until the last minute before placing your fin – on or near the boat ladder; Doing it in water can be complicated.

Yes, you can dive with the snorkel mask! I love snorkeling around the baths on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, but you need to dive to appreciate the rock formations here. Just remember to take a deep breath and don’t try to breathe through your breathing tube!

Sea Trek gives you the experience of visiting the ocean floor without having to learn to dive. However, it is more like wearing an old fashioned diving suit, so your movements are quite limited. I would recommend Sea Trek as a one-off novelty – something to do if you never plan to get scuba diving certification. But your experience can vary greatly from location to location, so be sure to get some details about your tour before you go.

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