The Caribbean is a sport nation when people love and play sports in their daily life as if compulsory job in one day. This is the reason why the local have longer lifespan than people in other nations. Because they play sports hard, many people immerse to professional career naturally. They have ever dominated the international ranking of many sports.

One of the most successful game in Caribbean is athletics. 

In this article, we continue to share top the best players of this nation in running. They have become legends of the Caribbean when scarifying talent and frame to the world. 

From the former article, we refer two big runners: Mijain Lopez and Usain Bolt. Now, we checklist other players.

3, Shelly

She was a little women but her talent made impressive for anyone.

She was a pro runner of Jamaica. Thanks to her achievements, Jamaica has been well-known as a great nation about athletics.

During her career, she has ever reached six medals in three Olympic Game, especially they owned two golds in Olympics 2008 at Beijing and Olympic 2012 at London for the 100 meters type. 

Furthermore, she has also owned nine medals at some World Championship. This is the most professional competition about running. 

The fact, she was voted four times for the international ranking about the 100 meters.

4, SilvioCator

He was considered as the best athlete in Haiti, as well a symbol of the Caribbean.

he joined the first Olympic Game in 1914 at Paris. Although his record was only ranked the 12nd position, he expressed confidently and sociably with all players.

Coming the second Olympic Game in 1918 at Amsterdam, he reached good achievement at 7.58 meters for long jumping. Finally he won the silver medal. Then, he continued to break new record at the same year.

He was deserved to become a great athelte of Haiti. Nowadays, there is a national stadium named after his name as memory about his talent.

Top the best runners in the Caribbean (Part 1)

The Caribbean is well-known with the great number of athletics in the world. The fact that they own a wide range of excellently formidable runners. Furthermore, the local also love running in their daily life.

In this article, we will collect top runners in the Caribbean which is our proposal based on their awards and records in all international and domestic running competitions.

1, Usain Bolt

He is a great athlete in Jamaica. He is admired by his talent and contribution beyond the racetracks to the society and running community.

Firstly, about his achievement. He was voted as the best sprinter all the time when he had eight titles in Olympics which was the biggest competition in the world. The fact, he had three times to reach champions in the Olympics summer, five times in the Olympic winter and 11 world crowns. Furthermore, he also broke the records in 100 meters with 9.58 seconds and 200 meters with 19.19 seconds.

Secondly, he impacted his ability to develop the earlier athletics of the Caribbean strongly and successfully.

2, Mijain Lopez

He is a great runner in Cuba. Even, it’s reasonable to consider that he is the best athlete all the time in this nation. It’s suitable when referring him like this.

Mijain Lopez had impressive performance with his stature and corpulence. He always expressed strongly and powerfully when he joined any competition. This was the reason why he could win five crowns, two titles in Pan American games and three Olympics awards in consecutive seasons from 2008 to 2016. These achievements were considered as the man of this decade and the history of running.

Besides his pro career, he also was one of great leader of division. He contributed his talent to general growth of national running team.


In this article, we will recommend some golf courses you should enjoy and witness at least in Caribbean where the landscapes are so perfect and natural to organize golf tournaments.

Whether you are a royal customer or only discover golf course as new experience, our ranking is the best option to reach your target.

5, Green Monkey in Sandy Lane

This golf course is exclusive to be located in Sandy Lance resort. 

It attacks more people because it has unique design about architecture and equipment. Around the golf course, it has been built from old quarries. It makes historical and traditional for a new place. It brings nature and comfort for anyone visiting there.

Furthermore, the fairways and greens are made from sheer cliff faces to create more challenges for golfers. The fact, it’s not easy to score a ball correctly among obstacles from the quarries.

Another feature, all holes of golf balls are sculpted into image of the Green Monkey. This is the reason why this golf course has this name as public.

6, Mid Ocean Club

This golf course has been open since 1920s, then considered as the benchmark for other golf courses in the Caribbean.

It has some unique features from setting up the pitch to designing around the course. 

In general, fairways in Mid Ocean Club is wide with flexible bunkers located at other places to cause more troubles for any errant shots.

the greens are designed with severe runoffs as if terrible obstacles for any golfer.

7, Port Royal

Port Royal is the last option in our ranking. The fact, it is also a fanatic place for any golfer. 

The view is surrounded by stunning coastline which makes interested to discover.

At this golf course, they use 16thglorious hole to challenge any players. The green of glass around holes looks aesthetical for all games.


In this article, we continue to visit the beautiful island- Caribbean and discover top the best destinations to play golfs.

As far as we know, the Caribbean is famous for outdoor activities because the nature gives a wide range of eye-catching landscapes and views. So, it’s great to organize courses or sport events outside. One of the most famous activities in this island is playing golf with some locations as our following guides:

3, Royal Westmoreland

The golf course in Royal Westmoreland is highly appreciated as one of the most beautiful inland courses at there. It owns stunning views along the beach which brings natural location for players. 

Furthermore, changes in elevation brings dramatic challenge for players to arrange ball more accurately. Although they are in a little trouble about elevation changes, they feel more interesting to enjoy these new challenges.

Besides it, design of this golf course is a quite complicated and skillful when there are series of deep ravines around the greens. It brings new experiences for any golfer.

It’s great to join one golf course and go sightseeing the natural views around this area. Don’t forget to enjoy a cold beer to feel relaxing and comfort.

4, Moon Spa Golf Course

Moon Spa is invested and masterminded by Jack Nicklaus who is one of the top greatest tennis players, this golf course becomes one of the most attractive spots for any player. Even, it is usually chosen as a great destination for exhibition about golf.

It is built up 27 golf holes at other heights and elevations. Furthermore, there are many natural flora and fauna around this stunning golf course. 

At there, one full set of 18 holes test can be stretched up to 7165 yards. It is used popularity for any pro golfer. It has other options for lower levels. So, almost all ages can join the Moon spa golf course.

Top the best golf courses in the Caribbean

The beautiful Caribbean island is famous for outdoor sports like surfing, swimming or golf. Someone says that the Caribbean is good for luxurious sports.

If you want to get new experience for high class, you should try to play golf in the Caribbean. In this article, we share top the best golf courses in this island.

1/ Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo is located in La Romana, Dominican Republic which is a teeth of the dog course. This course is highly recommended and appreciated as the first top for golf course in the Caribbean.

It has area about 7,350 yards which is built up the large sheer cliff as the wall to create a beautiful coastal golf pitch. This view is romantic and comfortable to learn a new sport.

About the holes, they are created naturally from the rugged rock, so players feel more interesting to discover this game. The name of golf course is very special to attack more surprising for any new comer.

According to former players, this place is a good destination for anyone prefer to challenging to become the best golfer. If so, any new player needs to take consideration carefully before choosing it. This course should only spend for adventurous and professional golfers.

2/ Corales Golf Club

Corales Golf Club has been established since 2010, then it has a strong growth to become one of the greatest golf courses in the Caribbean.

For some reviews of experts, Corales golf club has designed professionally to make immaculate condition for this game. All golfers can feel profession as well high quality service from this course.

It is located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with stretching 7,600 yards. This area is enough large to organize big golf course like the PGA Tour in 2008.

It seems this pitch only is good for the brave golfers because the stunning coastline and strong wind can’t match for the faint hearted.

Top the kiteboarding beaches in Caribbean Island

In recent time, kiteboarding has become a niche water sports in the world. Many people choose kiteboarding when they have a trip to beach.

These innovations in equipment as well instructions allow more people to access this sport. When talking top the greatest beaches for kiteboarding, we can’t miss list in the Caribbean Island which are destinations around warm waters and stead trade winds.

If you are finding some places in Caribbean Island for kiteboarding, you should read our recommendation as following. We collect top the best beaches suiting for water sports like kiteboarding. 

1/ Palm Beach in Aruba

Palm beach is a beautiful island which is a hotbed for water sports like kiteboarding, sailing activities. 

The weather is wonderful to start kiteboarding when the winds start from the East which allows kites to overcome the water easily. Furthermore, you also can ride waves more in shallow waters.

If you are a ventured person, you can discover a small island Boca Grandi located in the Palm Beach. At there, some experts remind that it covers stronger winds and waters for your challenge.

2/ Great Exuma in Bahamas

Along the coasts from the north to the south, Great Exuma is a small, green island covered by series of white and san shoals. You are immersed in the deep blue water being original from the Atlantic.

Summer is the ideal time to join kiteboarding because the wind is a little light to make good conditions for kiteboard. While people usually prefer to try high jumping with chances. The amazing is good and nice. 

When coming Grand Exuma, you don’t need to buy accessories as well some equipment from your further, such as preparation for uniform, kite, boat so on. All services you can be served carefully.


In this article, we continue to come Caribbean Islands and explore sports at there. As discussed from the last article, the people in Caribbean Islands are close and popular with sports in their daily life. Through development and history of sport, we can see a part of picture about the life of this nation.

If you also are interesting in discovery the life and custom of Carribean Islands, following our article. We have ever discussed culture and cricket, baseball and culture. Now, we will share information about soccer and horse racing.

Soccer and culture

Football is one of the most favorite sports at most of countries in Caribbean lands. They own a wide range of crazy fan in this game.

There are also many nations to be members in the FIFA CONCACAF. They also organize a CONCACAF Champion League annually and are welcomed by many fans all over the world. some well-known teams including the Soca Warriors of Trinidad and Tobago, the Reggae Boyz of Jamaica have good achievements and high ranking at this nation.

Horse Races and culture

Horse race has also a rich history at this area since the long time ago. Almost it has been focused and developed at the Barbados, the Dominican Republic or Jamaica. As a good result, many racecourses have already been built at there. Then they invest to organize many international horse races.

Some decades ago when the internet has been not yet developed, people like to go the racecourses and place on betting. So, many bettors choose the Carribean islands as good destination for discovery and experience.

Above all, the Barbados Turf Club located on the outskirts in Bridgetown is the most famous racecourse in this area. It is held three competitions in a year with warming welcome of fans. In addition, there are many activities token place around the horse races festival.

Sports and culture on Carribean Islands

Sports is a part of social and cultural phenomenon on Caribbean Islands. Any visitor comes here then feel clearly combination in lifestyle and practice sport in the daily lives. Almost the inhabitants prefer to play sport as well tend to go to the stadium or watch television to cheer up live matches of cricket, basketball, horse race, track running or and field, including both regional and international sport events.

As sharing of the local, sport plays an important role to bring people closer and closer. It also offers sense of unity, emotion and health. So, all people are interested in playing sports.

To understand clearly about connection between sports and culture, you can follow sharing in our article.

Cricket and culture

In general, cricket is the most popular sport on Caribbean Islands. Although it is an imported sport from the foreign, it becomes popular and domesticated with the local recently.

By some special way, people among the British Caribbean connected and played in a cricket match. They worn the same uniform and played together as a Caribbean unification.

Another story, the West Indies has dominated cricket in this island when they have already founded many stadiums around Antigua, Grenada, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Trinidad and Tobago. This islands also hosted the Cricket World Cup in 2007 which is the biggest cricket festival in 4 years.

Baseball and culture

Baseball is usually played and organized international competitions among nations such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico or Venezuela. The Curacao Little League is the most famous league for baseball. It is a good way to exchange and co-operate like friends.

Besides it, people usually follow the Major Leagues which attracts various players from Dutch Caribbean island and near area. All baseball in Caribbean Islands express international level professionally.


When you come Caribbean Ireland, you should try to enjoy some popular sports. It is a new experience for your trip. This nation is well known with passion and favorite for sports. They practice, play and watch sports daily as a routine.

In this article, we continue to share top popular sports in Caribbean Ireland.

3/ Soccer

As far as we know, football is considered as the king of all sports. It is favorited by many walks of life as well almost people over all the world. It is no exception for the Caribbean. Even, it is one of the most popular sports in there. When you ask the local any problem about football, they are ready to explain or share detail to you as professions.

Estimated that more than 80% population in Ireland take care of football events or matches. So, if you worry that you can miss one match in the Premier League in your trip, you can find solution at any spots in there. Almost restaurants, bars or resorts tend to support all live matches of big leagues such as Premier, Cup A America. You should consult staff in hotel to recommend about the best sports bars.

4/ Rugby

The truth that Caribbean Ireland is under strong influences from culture, tradition or custom of the British nation. Therefore, rugby is a game from long history. This game is played at almost places such as Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, St. Lucia or Tobago.

You should not be surprising when seeing a rugby event at there. Because it is usually organized into many annual rugby seasons with other level. Therefore, you can see it during a year.

The weather in Caribbean Ireland is also perfect to enjoy one live rugby match in an exotic and beautiful landscape.

Top the most popular sports in Caribbean Ireland

Caribbean Ireland is a sport nation. The fact that sport is close with the Irish culture. More than half of population. In this nation play at least one sport once per week.

If you are a traveler and fan of sport, Caribbean Ireland is a perfect destination. Ireland has enough global sports like tennis, swimming, football or basketball. In this article, we will discuss top the most popular sports as well its growth in Caribbean Ireland.

Golf -the best sport in summer

Ireland is home of many famous stars in golf like Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell or Padraig Harrington. They are premier golfers who are in the top the best golfers in the world.

By practice when people are still small as well there are many golf courses and competitions are hold annually, Ireland come out many talents in golf.

In 2019, Ireland was host to organize the 148th Open at the Royal Portrush Golf Club. To be proud of themselves when Irishman- Shane Lowry won the champions.                

Proper time to play golf is from May to September when it is the Summer. The weather and condition are perfect to go to any golf course in Ireland.

Athletics– for someone to be fit

People prefer to keep fit or have not much time to train a complicated sport like golf, they usually intend to choose athletics as their favorite daily sport.

This sport is really encouraged in this nation. Even the Government found the Athletics Association (AAI) to take care training, news or competitions about athletics for the local.

Athletics are separated into other kinds like track and field athletes, road running, walking, mountain running or cross-country running.

This sport is favorite from schools to elite athletes. Almost people from kids to the old can join it simply. There are some famous marathons from this nation like Belfast or Dublin.