LUNCH: 12pm-3pm

Breakfast items can also be ordered during lunch



Club sandwich (toast, ham, cheese, egg, bacon, tomato, cucumber) fries                      

Spareribs with fresh salad and French fries                                                                        

Chicken skewer ‘Classics’                                                                                                         

Wrap with chicken filet and a light black pepper sauce                                                     

Nacho’s & ground beef, cheese, sour cream and jalapeños                                              



Penne Pasta with smoked salmon, leek, tomato and cream                                         

Penne Pasta with zucchini, broccoli and Parmesan cheese                                              

Pasta Alfredo chicken                                                                                                              

Pasta Alfredo shrimp                                                                                                               

Pasta with pork tenderloin and French mustard sauce                                                    

Pasta Andalusia with shrimps (grilled bell pepper sauce)                                                 



Caribbean fresh fish soup                                                                                                       

Tomato soup with basil                                                                                                          

Broccoli and cheese cream soup                                                                                          


Salad with garlic shrimps                                                                                     

Caesar salad chicken                                                                                            

Caesar salad shrimps                                                                                           

Fresh crunchy salad with apple & curry chicken                                              

Thais Beef salad                                                                                                    

Goat cheese salad with dried figs and honey                                                  

Salad with smoked salmon, apple & curry