BREAKFAST: 8 am 3 pm


Coffee/tea; juice/milk; fresh breads; toppings & fresh fruit                          

Classics Deluxe Breakfast:

Continental + yoghurt; pancake; egg cooked to order & bacon                


Yoghurt:  Honey                                                                                                      


                 Fresh fruit                                                                                               

Omelet:  Ham and cheese                                                                              

                 Deluxe (ham, cheese and vegetables)                                              

Fresh Sandwiches: white, brown or Boulogne bread

Sunny side up with Dutch (young) cheese                                                       

Dutch (young) cheese, salad, tomato and cucumber                                     

Healthy (ham, cheese, egg, salad, and cucumber)                                      

Goat cheese (baked in the oven) with honey and thyme                              

Smoked salmon with chopped onions                                                              

Carpaccio of beef                                                                                                

Tomato and mozzarella (hot or cold)                                                              

Serrano ham and (aged) Dutch cheese                                                             

Milano Salami                                                                                              

Tuna salad                                                                                                              

Tuna melt (baked tuna sandwich with cheese)                                          

Hawaiian melt (ham & cheese & pineapple in the oven)                              

Chicken skewer, peanut sauce/BBQ sauce & fries                                         

Kids menu:  Juice or milk, pancake, bread and egg                                       

Toast:             Ham and cheese                                                                           

                        Double-sized melted toast                                                         


                        Toast with ham & cheese & sunny side up egg